What I Would Consider When Buying a Car

When I was younger I used to dream about buying a fancy sports car, but over the years I have realized that plan was foolish and impractical, a sports car is definitely not practical, unless you are wealthy and can afford it.

Now instead of thinking of buying a sports car I instead look for a practical used car, that has good gas mileage(some cars are real gas hogs and can waste you money), low mileage, no compact or small cars for safety since I live in the mountains and the roads in my area are very steep and hilly, and reliability. Since I live in the mountains a small car would be very risky to drive so a bigger vehicle with four wheel drive such as a SUV or Truck would be more safe, but usually a truck does not have good gas mileage, there are some that are but a lot aren’t. There are more SUVs that are better on gas, so my ideal car would be a six seater SUV, that is good with gas and is reliable.

Reliability is very important. In my area people have to fix their breaks more often than someone who does not live in the mountains, because of all the steep roads, which is a problem. My family has two cars, an SUV and Truck. The SUV is the family car, and so far it has been pretty costly when it comes to repairs and gas, but it’s reliable on the steep roads of my area, and safe to drive. The Truck is the vehicle that my Father uses, it is a lot nicer than the SUV because it is newer, and so far it has been good with repairs, gas, and its reliable, but it’s not a practical everyday car. Both of these vehicles were bought used.

Another thing that is very important is insurance. Cars such as sports cars most likely have higher insurance costs than most vehicles. Having insurance is very important especially if your car needs a serious repair. In my area big repairs are more common because of the dangerous roads, and accidents are somewhat common, especially when it’s winter.


This is my essay on what I would consider before buying a car.


  1. quintin308 says:

    Well I plan to become wealthy.

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  2. Beckwith407 says:

    What would be your price range?


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    1. Oof, I forgot that. XD Well when I do buy a car probably the car prices would of changed by then, but probably about 8,000 to 12,000.


  3. Geri says:

    Sometimes it is hard to buy a practical car when you are looking at the car that looks the way you want.

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