Independence: Should We Be Completely Independent or Do We Need Others In Our Lives?

In this essay I will be answering the question: Should We Be Completely Independent or Do We Need Others In Our Lives? Independence is something that most people yearn for, either they are teenganers who want more freedom and responsibility or adults who want a better and more free life. 

As children our parents give us more independence and responsibility as we get older so that you can grow as a person and gain experience in preparation for adulthood, if parents do not do this their child or children will never be able to grow as a person, so some independence is important, but how much exactly is good?

Too much independence is also not a good thing, someone who is too independent will not accept any advice of any form or have a list of moral rules to follow, a person like this will most likely end up in trouble of some form. So not enough independence and too much is not good.

Another example of this is in the government, if the government has no rules in place at all such as no stealing, murdering, and inflicting harm on other people, the country would be in complete chaos and disaster since there would be no rules. 

But if the government does not give any freedom or independence to their citizens that would not be good also since the government would have complete control over everyone, and no one is allowed the will to think or believe what they want. So this also applies, too much independence causes disaster and chaos and no independence is also troublesome.

So my personal opinion is that too much independence(the kind where you have no rules for yourself to keep you in line) is not good and no independence is also not good because that will make you into someone who has no opinion or ideas. A good inbetween of independence and rules to keep you in line, is the best way to go.


In this essay I wrote about independence: is too much independence good or bad or is no independence good or bad. I concluded that a good inbetween of the two is the best way to live because too much and too little of independence can be troublesome and dangerous. 

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