This is not school related whatsoever but I felt like I need some answers to make the decision. Should I change my blog theme?

I’ve had this blog theme for a few months now, and its getting a little old to me, but I just wanted your guys opinion.




  1. I saw that you have Shawburn. Shawburn is pretty good, but I think you could change it! I use the theme Dara for my blog, and I love it!! Another blog theme that I’ved used and liked was Toujours. Of course, I don’t know what your style is, but those are just some I liked. My personal favorite is Dara. There’s lots of options out there!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      1. It does look similar, but there are some differences; you can add different things and last time I checked there was more options to what templates you could use.

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