Does Working With Others Lead To Better Results Than Acting As An Individual

In this essay I will be giving my personal opinion on the question: does working with others lead to better results than acting as an individual.

I have been involved in quite a few group challenges and personal challenges for swimming. When I was working with a group I noticed that things got disorganized quickly since you have to deal with more people and make sure that you and other people in the group do not make any mistakes, which will let down the entire team, so more pressure and stress is involved in groups I noticed, and the results were not so great when I worked in those group swim challenges.

But when I was doing a challenge individually I noticed that I was able to complete the challenge more quickly and effectively. This was because I was able to focus on myself instead of other people, which kept me focused throughout the challenge, and I had great results!

Some other examples of this was when I did some science projects, the first science project I did with my sister, and it went super well, we finished the project earlier than we thought we were going too, and we got first in the science project challenge, so we had good results

The second time I did a project like this I did it alone, and it didn’t go so well, I lacked motivation and I really didn’t feel like doing research on my own, and I didn’t do as well as the first time. So groups can be great also, especially when it comes to motivation since you cannot let the other person or people down.

Personally I believe that it goes both ways, individual projects are better than groups when it comes to focusing on yourself, since you have to focus on other people in a group, but groups can be great when it comes to motivation and learning to work as a team. 

So I think that both have their pros and cons. But personally I like working alone more than in a group, just because I find that really unleashes my potential in the project and I can get the best results, but that doesn’t mean I cannot work in a group, it’s just a personal preference.


Getting good results either in a group or individual is very possible, but it can be more difficult in a group because everyone in the group has their weaknesses and strengths. I personally like working as an individual more than working in a group but like I wrote above I can still work well in a group. This is my opinion on the question: does working with others lead to better results than acting as an individual.

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