Should We Complain To Get What We Want?

Nobody likes a complainer, yet almost everyone complains, usually to get what they want. In this essay I will be writing about: should we complain to get what we want?

Complaining is a way to get what you want. If you irritate someone enough by complaining they most likely will give in and give what you want. Usually when you think of complaining you think of young children trying to get what they want such as some treat or pet from their parents, but actually a lot of adults do it too, because adults want what they want too, right?

 Most parents discipline their children to help them control their complaining, but even with discipline the habit still lasts for a lifetime, but it’s a more controlled habit.

Even though you get what you want by complaining, the person you were complaining too probably dislikes you now because they think you are this irritating and rude person(even though they most likely complain too).

 Complaining can ruin relationships with other people, so if you want to have good relationships with people I recommend avoiding complaining, but if you do not care about having good relationships do it, even though you will have a hard time becoming friends with people or having a good relationship with your family. 

Personally I believe that complaining is not a great thing, I dislike complainers as much as probably everyone else even though I still do it sometimes. There are better methods on getting what you want that do not damage your relationships with people.

 So I believe that you should control your complaining as best as you can, it is very difficult to fully get rid of the habit, so it’s better to control it and rarely do it.

Controlling your complaining will save your relationships and the way people see you as a person. So just avoid it as much as possible.


Complaining is a damaging and irritating habit that probably everyone has done. People use it to get what they want, but in reality even though they do get what they want they still have made a person have a negative impression of you.

I believe that controlling the complaining habit is the best way to go, there are better ways to get what you want. But if you do not care what others think, complain away, even though people will probably dislike you more. This is my essay on complaining.

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