The Ideal Apprenticeship Job, and Why?

I already have an apprenticeship job, but if my circumstances do change and I do have to get a new apprenticeship job, these are the things I will be looking for. Since I am still young there are many options for me, but I do have my preferences when it comes to career options and what I want in an apprenticeship. In this essay I will be going over these things.


Ever since I was young I knew I wanted to have a career that had to do with minerals. Since I have gotten older and have studied about this field of science that has inspired this wishful dream into a goal. Even though this may not happen I still want to have a career that has to do with this field.


I used to be very bad at writing, yet that did not discourage me from enjoying it, over the years I have improved my writing, and have learned to love it further. A writing career has always interested me especially so when I started blogging and posting my writing online. Even though I usually write essays I have also written some short stories and poems. So I believe that if my Geology career does not go as planned I will always have writing as an option for a career.

Health Nutrition 

I have always been interested in health and nutrition, most likely I won’t follow this option as a career path but I will still study it since health and nutrition is very important to know about, to stay healthy. I actually work at a health store for a health nutritionist, so I have some knowledge on the topic. I believe this is a rather underrated career option and I think it’s very valuable and important.

My Ideal Apprenticeship

When choosing an apprenticeship I would like to get to know the person that will be hiring me as an apprentice, I would like to see their business, how they work, how their other employees work(if they have them); basically just getting to know this person. This is important to ensure that you are safe and you are working in a place where you will actually learn something.

And the final specific thing I will do when looking for an apprenticeship is that the business is successful. Working for a successful business is much better than working for a failing business, because working for a successful business is a better way to ensure that you will learn good business habits, unlike working for a failing business which will most likely teach you bad habits when running a business, which is why the business is failing. 


When searching for an apprenticeship or job I have two specific things I will be looking for in the apprenticeship or job, getting to know the place of work and the owner and making sure that the business is successful. Being an apprentice or having a job is a great way to decide what you want to be when you get older and what career path(s) are you interested in or have an understanding for. At the moment I do have a job, but that does not mean I will not be searching for options.

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