20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Character Comparison of Professor Aronnax and Ned Land

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne, published in 1870, was one of the first novels ever written in the science fiction genre. The story is about three men, Professor Aronnax, Ned Land, and Conseil who become imprisoned on a large submarine named the Nautilus.

 Their captor is a very mysterious and estranged fellow named Nemo, who is also the captain of the Nautilus. The characters have many adventures during their imprisonment, and the book describes all of these adventures in very good detail. In this essay I will be comparing two of the main characters from this book: Professor Aronnax and Ned Land, and I will be describing the two characters similarities and differences.

Professor Aronnax 

Professor Aronnax is a very intelligent, middle aged man. He is very calm and logical in nature, and has a large interest and understanding of the sea. Before his capture on the Nautilus he was actually trying to find and destroy a “sea monster” that was wrecking many ships(this “monster” happened to be the Nautilus), while trying to find this “monster” he gets captured along with his two friends, who are helping him on the mission.The story is narrated by his perspective.

Ned Land

Ned Land is a rather short tempered and impatient character. He is a master harpooner who was helping Aronnax find the “monster” before he got captured by Nemo. Even though he is not as intelligent as Aronnax he has a pretty good understanding of the sea, he is also physically fit and strong thanks to all physical work he has done.

Their Similarities

Professor Aronnax and Ned Land though they seem quite different in character they do have some things in common, these things they have in common are.

  1. They both have an interest and understanding of the sea.
  2. They are both prisoners on the Nautilus.
  3. And finally they both want to escape and return back to land.

Their Differences

Even though these two characters have their similarities they do have their differences. Either these differences have to do with personality traits, physical status, and opinions, these two characters are quite different and unique in their own ways.These differences are.

  1. Aronnax is very calm but Land is short tempered.
  2. Land, even though he is knowledgeable, his intelligence is less so than Aronnax’s.
  3. Even with his intellectual strengths Aronnax is not that physically fit unlike Land who is.
  4. Aronnax does not get easily angered and frustrated and is very cool in manner but Land on the other hand is quite impatient and can be frustrated easily.
  5. Land despises Nemo their captor in a lot of ways but Aronnax gets along with Nemo quite well.


Aronnax and Land have a few things in common but quite a few differences also, their similarities are: they both have an interest and understanding of the sea, they are both prisoners on the Nautilus, and they want to escape and return back to land. 

Their differences are: Aronnax is calm but Land is not, Land is less intelligent than Aronnax, Land is more physically fit than Aronnax, Land gets easily angered and frustrated but Aronnax on the other hand is cool in manner, and finally, Aronnax gets along pretty well with his captor, Nemo, but Land despises Nemo.

This is my essay on the differences and similarities of the characters, Professor Aronnax and Ned Land from the novel 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne.

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