The Car Make and Model That Is Practical For Me

In this week’s essay I will be writing about a car make and model that is practical for me. Because I am under driving age and pretty uneducated when it comes to cars this opinion may change in the future. What I will be getting into in particular in this essay is: the monthly car loan payment I would pay if I paid a 25% down payment, gas costs, repair costs, and other costs.

The car make and model that I chose was the 2012 Nissan Rogue( an SUV),  that costs about 13,000 dollars and has about 80,000 kilometers on it. The reason why I chose this type of vehicle is because I live in the mountains and small cars are not that safe to drive on the roads of my area.

After choosing the vehicle that was suitable for me I calculated the monthly car loan payment if I paid a 25% down payment and got a four year loan, and a three percent interest rate(that interest rate is probably wrong). The sum I got from that calculation was a 175 dollar monthly payment if I do get a car loan.

My yearly gas cost will probably be much different when I do buy a car, this is just the amount I will be spending on gas if I do buy a car now which I am too young to do. In my area the gas price per liter is about 1.39 dollars, so approximately I will be spending if I drive about 12,000 miles per year my gas cost will be about 1,450 dollars, and if I get good insurance my cost will be about 3282. Combining these costs with the average repair costs(the average repair cost is about $528 dollars for the car I chose), my total cost will be approximately 3,810 dollars.


This is my essay on the car make and model that is practical for me, which is the 2012 Nissan Rogue.

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  1. This essay is a little late, I should of wrote it days ago but finding a suitable car was not easy.



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