This morning I woke up and I checked my blog and found out that I now have 100 followers! Actually 101 including my email follower! Thank you to all my followers for staying with me on this journey!

Now like always I will be mentioning my 1st, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 100th follower.

My very first follower are two brothers, Colton and Aidan! They both have amazing blogs, so please check them out! And thank you both for following me!

Colton’s blog: https://coltonbeckwithrpc.wordpress.com/

Aidan’s blog: https://aidanbeckwithrpc.wordpress.com/

My 25th follower is Schalin’s Blog! This blogger has a great blog with fun content, so please check it out! Thank you for following me!

Her blog: https://schalinsblog.wordpress.com/

My 50th follower is Margaret and Neal! They are a couple that have an amazing traveling blog that has many fun and cool posts! Please check them out!

Their blog: https://wandering-together.com/

My 75th follower is a blogger named Liezel! She has a very cute and fun blog full of great content! Please check her blog out!

Her blog: https://liezelonthego.wordpress.com/

And finally my 100th follower! My 100th follower is a blogger named Dylan! This blogger has a very fun blog that has many cool posts, please check it out!

Dylan’s blog: https://essaybank.home.blog/

Thank you again to all my followers for following me and staying with me!


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