The Programming Language That Interests Me: JavaScript

In this week’s essay I will be writing about a programming language that I am interested in, and that I want to learn more of; and why I think this programming language is unique. The language that I am interested in is JavaScript.

The reason why I am interested in JavaScript is because it is used in Website building, which I am very interested in. JavaScript requires very little setup to get started, this is because it’s already built into web browsers. Some cool things about Javascript are: you can code loosely with it, you can see immediate results from your code, and you don’t need a lot of tools, which is good for me. 


Javascript is a very important form of coding language, and is very useful if you want to build creative interactive things on your website. This is my short report on the programming language that interests me.


  1. iamstan1 says:

    I learned some JavaScript last year. I would learn more but I don’t have time. 😩😥

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