Would It Be Moral To Grade Exams, So That All Students Get C’s? If Not, Is It Moral For the State to Redistribute Incomes?

In this week’s business essay I will be writing about: “would it  be moral to grade exams, so that all students get C’s? If not, is it moral for the state to redistribute incomes?”

Now to begin with, school exams. You most likely work hard on your school assignments and before exam studying so that you can get a good grade on the exam, and if you do succeed and get a very good grade such as an A+, all that hard work and studying would be worth it. But what if the school system graded every exam with a grade such as a C, this would be unfair for multiple reasons. 

These reasons are: 

Reason One

Some students are more gifted than others at a subject. Giving everyone the same grade would be unfair for the students who are very good at the subject and study very hard for it.

Reason Two

If everyone is given the exact same grade in an exam, what would be the point if you studied hard for the exam, because everyone is going to be given the same grade anyways.

Reason Three

 Exams would be a complete waste of time. This is obvious because if everyone is given the same grade what is the point of taking school exams, if you cannot get a grade different from everyone else.

Reason Four

It is completely illogical to give everyone the same grade in an exam because everyone is different in their abilities in that particular subject, almost no one gets the exact same number of questions in an exam correctly, and also the students who are taking the exam will never be able to see there improvement in the subject through exams because everyone is getting graded the same grade. 

So I do believe that it is immoral to give everyone the exact same grade in an exam.

Is It Moral For the State to Redistribute Incomes?

So now would it be moral for the State government to redistribute everyone’s income? To make this easier to understand here is a simple example. Say if you were working four hours a day twice a week for ten dollars an hour at a small bakery, and you are paid your first paycheck. But instead of being paid the full amount which is eighty dollars, you are instead paid only ten dollars because your fellow employees who have not been working at all that week, are struggling with their bills, so your boss decided to help them out by giving the rest of your earnings to those other employees. Would that be fair? Sure it is equal, but it is unfair for you, this is because you were the one who actually took your time to work at the job, but your fellow employees did not work that entire week.

This is a very small example of distribution. A large example of this is taking money from the middle class and rich and giving that money to the poor. I am not saying that you should not be generous, and I do believe that people should be allowed to give charity. But this system is also damaging to the poor in the long run because they will never learn to make money on their own, and the middle class and rich are not benefiting either because their money is being taken away. So I do believe that this is immoral, like the example above of grading everyone that is taking an exam the same grade.


In this week’s essay I wrote about: “would it  be moral to grade exams, so that all students get C’s? If not, is it moral for the state to redistribute incomes?” I concluded in the essay that both of those things are immoral, even though they may seem fair.

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