My Interview of Two University Attendees

Today I interviewed two people who went to university(here in Canada university is far more common to attend than Canada), these two people are my parents. I was required to interview someone who graduated five years ago, but because I don’t know anyone who has graduated university recently I have to work with my parents. (Note the info I received is not really accurate to today’s university costs and financial matters).

The questions I asked my parents are:

Question 1: How much did they spend each semester on books?

Question 2: What was the biggest unexpected financial burden they faced in university.

Question 3: If they could start university all over again, how could they have saved money by doing things differently.

There Answers

My Mom’s answers:

Question 1: my Mom said that she spent approximately four hundred and fifty to five hundred dollars Canadian, on books total, per semester.

Question 2: my Mom said, the cost of groceries and eating out, were the most unexpected costs.

Question 3: not going to university at all, but instead going to a Hotel Management school in Europe.

My Dad’s answers:

Question 1: my Dad said that he spent approximately four hundred dollars Canadian on books total, per semester.

Question 2: not having complete control and certainty over summer income.

Question 3: socializing less, studying something more difficult, not playing any varsity sports in the first year, and doing a trade before entering into university.


These are the questions and answers on financial costs of university that I received from my parents.

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