My Scientific Advertisement

For this assignment I wrote an ad on something my family needed to sell, on Craigslist, but unfortunately my family has nothing they need to sell at the moment, so I had to make up the product I am selling on this ad, which was rather difficult. Well here it goes.

Yellow Colored Hoodie

This beautiful yellow colored hoodie would delight your son or daughter at first sight. The material of the hoodie is soft but high quality, which makes it perfect to be worn just at home or at a casual outing. Because this hoodie is a size medium kids, it is suited for children ages 8-12. The younger the child the more oversized and cozy the hoodie will be.

The cost of this hoodie is fifteen dollars, but if you mention this ad in your order, you will get 15% off! 

The Logic of My Ad

My ad gives reasons on why you should want this hoodie for it’s cost, it also offers a reason you should buy the hoodie, by stating that it would delight your son or daughter, because it’s cozy, soft, and can be worn at most occasions. I didn’t know exactly what would be a unique benefit of this hoodie because I don’t actually have a yellow hoodie that I want to sell, but I did say that the hoodie would be more oversized and cozy the younger the child. My ad uses the rule, “reason why advertising,” which states all the reasons why you should buy this hoodie.

This ad is far from perfect or great(but this is my first ad I have ever written), I believe that it would be better if I actually had something to sell, instead of making something up. An image of the product would make this ad,  much better also. Still I followed the rule of “scientific advertising,” at least as best as I could.


This is my scientific Advertisement.


  1. Please give feedback on anything in this add that needs improvement. I need all the insight I can get so I can improve my ad writing.

    Thank you!


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  2. Esther says:

    Very good ad!! The only thing I noticed was that you spelled “ad” wrong in the last sentence of the ad. You said, “The cost of this hoodie is fifteen dollars, but if you mention this add……” Just a quick thing. Still, wonderful job!! I couldn’t have done if myself. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Oof, those typos. XD

      Thanks for letting me know!

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      1. Esther says:

        😉 No problem!

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  3. Aqur Printing says:

    The above article is nice and interesting, thank you willing to share! Greetings success of admin Aqur Printing wish you deign to visit my website, thank you 🙂

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