Is Most of What People Buy Totally Unnecessary?

In this essay I will be writing about: is most of what people buy totally unnecessary?

A lot of people like shopping, there are some who don’t, but usually most people you meet like to shop, especially girls and women(from my experience).  I don’t blame people for doing so, because having new stuff or things is nice. Sometimes the things that you buy are completely unnecessary and useless, and you just bought them because of an urge.

I found that some people buy more unnecessary things than others, for example say if a person was really into shopping, than that person would probably buy more unnecessary things than someone who dislikes shopping. An example of the opposite is say if a person absolutely hated shopping, and would do anything to get out of it, that person would probably buy just what they needed, to get out of spending their time shopping, that kind of person usually buys things from online.

So in my opinion and personal experience I found that it depends on the personality or what a person’s opinion is on shopping. Some people really like shopping and others don’t. Usually I find that someone who really likes shopping will buy more unnecessary things, and someone who dislikes shopping will buy less unnecessary things.


In this essay I answered the question:  is most of what people buy totally unnecessary? My answer to this question was that it really depended on someone’s personal opinion on shopping and personality.


  1. Just came across this piece, is interesting! have you thought about the effect that marketing has on consumerism?

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    1. Thank you! Yes, marketing has a huge part, but I decided not to mention that in this essay.


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