School and Its Many Annoyances

Rina’s school life was not a life at all, it basically consisted of waking up early, rushing from classes, dealing with annoying classmates, and avoiding and dealing with teachers between classes. This semester(the first of the school year), in particular was rough, since Rina’s classes went in this order, Physical Education(which left you extra exhausted), Math(the worst people were in Rina’s math class, but you actually learned), French(the joke of all classes), and Geography(just don’t ask about it, you learn nothing).

This semester Rina was sure she was going to learn nothing in all of her classes except for math. To make things worse for her, she had gotten all of the worst teachers, which made the task of learning extra difficult and tedious. Also her classmates were almost all let us say silly, which had given her grade the nickname “clowns”.

As she entered into her PE class she groaned, she had forgotten her sneakers and PE clothes, which meant she had to either borrow sneakers and a pair of short trousers from her sister Mya(who happened to wear two sizes bigger than she did), or sit on the bench and get teased by her classmates.

 This day was going great! She thought, as she chucked her bag down on the grimy gym floor. She decided against borrowing from her sister, since she was probably busy with her Trig class. Even though some of the guys in her class were going to tease her it was still better than embarrassing and annoying Mya, who was probably in a mood.

Gym went by quickly, and before she knew it a line of teens were leaving the gym. She hurriedly grabbed her bag and rushed to her next class, Math. She rushed down the hall and bumped into many people along the way, but she was still late for class.

 She quietly entered the room trying not to be noticed by both the students and the teacher, Mr. Herris. Safety at her desk she sighed with relief, good, no one noticed her.

“Yack, I noticed you are late.” said Mr. Herris, his eyes barely moving from the math textbook he was reviewing.

Shoot! She was dead, Mr Herris would never let this go, ever.

“Do you have some excuse for this, or were you ditching, like your sister once did in this class.” he said calmly.

Gosh! He was getting at her, the way he put her sister into all of this.

“Mr. Herris, yes I do somewhat of an excuse, and my sister never ditched, unless with good reason.” she said, trying to remain calm.

“Well, Yack what is your excuse, you are wasting my time and your classmates, so you better be quick and clear.”

“I had gym before this class, which ended five minutes late. I apologize for being late, and this will never happen again.” She hated giving in but she could not cause any more trouble for her parents.

Mr. Herris didn’t even reply, and began proceeding with the class. All of Rina’s classmates gave her looks of sympathy, it never ended well if you got called out by Mr. Herris.

Math went by quickly, maybe it was Rina’s apprehension of the fact that Mr. Herris would report her to the Principle, then maybe even her parents. Why! Was she thinking this way, she had just been a little late, and honestly, Mr. Herris was a reasonable man hopefully. But he and the entire school despised her sister, which had given her and Mya a reputation of being trouble.

Finally it was lunch, Rina hurriedly rushed to her friends.

 “Anne, Brinn, do you want to come to my house for lunch?” She asked.

“Of course, if that’s fine with your family.” answered Brinn sweetly.

“Thank you both!” exclaimed Rina.

The three friends hurriedly went to Rina’s house, where they were greeted graciously by Mrs. Yack and Mrs. Fujimoto(Rina’s grandmother). Rina wished that this moment could last forever, wistful and childish as it was, she did not want to enter that school building.

But like always Rina forced herself to go to school. The rest of the school day went peacefully, without incident, except maybe when she failed on her French quiz(but french was not important).

As Rina walked from her school with Mya, she wondered how Mya was handling things at school, she knew that Mya had a way with people, she was likable, and easy going. But when your older sister made a bad choice, that choice reflected onto the entire family.

“Mya, how was school.” inquired Rina quietly.

“Pretty good, average. Bessie, and I am planning to have a sleepover during the weeked. We might go on a double date, she with Chris and I with Will.” She said happily.

“No I don’t mean that, I mean are you being given a hard time by teachers and classmates, because of what happened?” 

“Gosh Rina, you take things so seriously. Probably, but I don’t notice, because I don’t let people wear me down just because my older sister made one mistake. We are not our sister, and you should know that.” Mya said sternly.

Rina partially agreed with that. Mya still spoke with their sister and wrote letters often to her, but Rina still avoided all contact with their sister, and avoided contacting her at all times. Maybe for a good reason, but mostly because of the wound that was caused when her sister left.

This is my second chapter of the novel I am working.



  1. Esther says:

    I really like it!! Can’t wait to see more chapters!! ❤

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    1. Thank you, and I am glad you like it Esther! I am beginning to write the third chapter, so hopefully soon I will be posting that chapter.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Esther says:

        Great!! 😉 Looking forward!

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  2. Ivory says:

    It’s good. Don’t stop!!

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