Five Benefits of the Ron Paul Curriculum That Were Not Mentioned on the 26 Reasons Why Landing Page

In this week’s essay I will be writing about five benefits of the RPC(the curriculum that I use), that were not mentioned on the twenty six reasons why page(I will be linking this page down below).

The Five Benefits

  1. There are a lot of options: the RPC is almost limitless when it comes to options on what courses you want to take during highschool, how fast or slow you want to finish your course, what time you can start and end your school in a day, you can always retake a course if you had a hard time with it, and etc. A personal example of how the “limitless” options of the RPC benefited me was when I struggled with a certain section of English. My Mom who noticed my struggle made me retake that section of the course. Instead of having to go on with the course without understanding any of the topics, the options of the RPC enabled me to retake that section, which intern helped me understand the subject
  1. There is no set time in the day that you have to do your school: during the winter months I ski quite a bit, a lot of the time I ski on a weekday to avoid the long lines. I usually do half of my school during the ski months early in the morning, and the other half in the evening when I return home. Without the RPC I most likely would not be able to do this.
  1. You can finish a course at your own pace: two years ago I was behind and needed to catch up. To do so I did two lessons per day for each course. If I didn’t understand the material I alway redid the lesson, which helped me understand the topic.
  1. You learn personal responsibility: the RPC is mostly a self taught curriculum above 3rd grade. This helps you learn to become a responsible student, it also leaves you responsible for everything that you will learn, which means if you didn’t pay attention to your lessons it is your fault not the course, instructors, or your parents.
  1. You can grade your own tests: the RPC is all about self learning, it is a self taught curriculum after all But another responsibility that this course offers to this student is self grading. Instead of your parents grading the test, you do it on your own. If your parents want to grade your tests that’s completely fine. Self grading helped me gain my parents’ trust, and gave me a responsibility, which has benefited me.


These are the five benefits that were not mentioned on the twenty six reasons why page on the RPC.

The page:

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