In this week’s science essay I will be writing about Malware, or Malicious code. I will be getting into: what it is, how you can get it on your computer, and how to protect your computer from it.

What is Malware?

Malware is a malicious software or code. That changes the settings, delete your software, cause problems or errors, watch your browsing habits, or open your computer to attacks.

How Does Malware Get on Your Computer?

An example of a way that Malware can get on your computer is; say if you visited some website, and you get a download that you did not request, if you accidentally run this download, that is a way to get Malware on your computer. Another way is if the Malware software notices some weaknesses in your computer web browser it may install itself, without requiring you to download anything.

How Do You Protect Your Computer?

A way to protect your computer from Malware is by running a malware-cleaner, this will help ensure your computer’s safety.


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