Mrs Yack’s Proposal

It was finally Saturday! The real fun could begin! Thought Rina as she rolled out of bed, and hurriedly sat at her typewriter, she had to at least finish half of her section of the article for the school paper before Monday. 

Rina had been part of a school newspaper for five years, because she had skill when it came to collecting and writing the news of the school, the school paper was able to give out many copies to her fellow classmates. Writing for the school paper was actually the one of the few things that Rina enjoyed about school. 

As she hurriedly wrote, trying to keep her grammar and spelling good at the same time. After thirty minutes she had finished three paragraphs, which was satisfactory, she could finish the rest later. 

After her daily morning rituals, she walked downstairs, to encounter her mother, stirring her instant coffee, very slowly.

“Good morning. Before you go Rina-chan, I would like to speak with you.” said Mrs. Yack softly.

“Yes, of course Mom. What is it?” 

“What were you doing upstairs? I heard quite a thud, did you fall?” asked Mrs. Yack, her face looking slightly concerned.

Did I fall? Thought Rina, she did roll out of bed, but she was positive that she had not hit the floor, but who knows, she was distracted.

“I am not really sure, actually. I rolled out of bed and began working on my section for the school paper.” she said sheepishly.

“Oh well. At least you are fine. What are you working on for the school paper this week?” replied an exasperated Mrs. Yack. Rina was, well, forgetful sometimes, actually most of the time.

“I am working on the section on studying tips to help students study effectively, and get better grades. Last week Anne was working on that section, but this week she is going to be the editor.” talking about the school paper always made Rina excited, she was passionate about it after all.

“Intriguing. Changing the subject a little bit, I have something to tell you.” Mrs. Yack’s cheery tone changed to one a little serious.

“Yes… Mom what is it?” 

“Do you remember, Mrs. Lorimer?” 

“Um somewhat, not really. Did she used to own the newspaper company that Dad works at?” 

“Yes, she did. Well Mrs. Lorimer sent me a letter yesterday requesting if Mya or you could help her out with, in her words, a massive task to be done, of organizing her old files and documents.”

“So, you are technically proposing to me to work for Mrs. Lorimer?” asked Rina. She really did not want to work for some woman who she barely knew, and had probably only met once. Also the organizing files and documents part sounded tedious and brutal.

“Yes, exactly. I know Rina that you have a lot on your plate, but this would be an opportunity, sincerely. She was a newspaper woman and reporter, both of those things you have a passion for. I believe that she would be a good mentor for you in the future. Also she will be paying you decent money, a dollar per hour. Besides you will only be working on Sunday’s after church, I believe that you will be able to do this.” pursued Mrs. Yack.

My Mom should have been a saleswoman instead of a hobby artist, thought Rina. She was selling her, for sure.

“I am considering it, after all I only have church on Sunday. But before I do work for her I would like to meet her, just to make sure that she is someone I can trust.”

 Having a job and making some money would be nice. She could use the money to buy ink and paper for her typewriter, and save up if she decided to go to university.

“Wonderful! I will call Mrs. Lorimer this afternoon to let her know. Also you will be meeting her tomorrow, she is an intelligent woman with experience in business, so she let me know in advance that you or Mya could meet her.” said Mrs Yack as she finished the rest of her coffee and quickly began calling for Mya.

“Mom, before you go and get Mya, does Dad know about this?” asked Rina.

“Yes of course, Mrs. Lorimer asked him before she did me.” 

“Alright, thank you Mom.” she said as she softly kissed her mother on the cheek, and began collecting the ingredients for pancakes.

 The morning had been strange, after all she had been proposed a job offer from her mother, of all people. 

“Rina are you making pancakes? I need something delicious to help me alter a new skirt I bought.” said a very obvious and moody voice, Mya.

“Well yes, but make sure you do not gorge on the syrup, last week you finished half a bottle.” teased Rina.

“Do you think I can spoil my waistline like that especially before I alter a new skirt!?” exclaimed Mya, but secretly everyone knew that she had a soft spot for syrup.

“Do I hear arguing down here?” said a new voice, Mr. Yack’s. 

Mya and Rina immediately stopped their feisty behaviour, and began pretending that they were making pancakes, actually Mya was the one pretending, and Rina was doing all the cooking.

The morning had officially begun in the Yack family, the way it usually began.


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    I might’ve mentioned this before, but It’s so weird seeing my last name in a story, xD


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