Fifteen Benefits of the RPC

The Ron Paul Curriculum or the RPC is an online education course for homeschoolers. In this essay I will be listing fifteen benefits of the RPC; what I will be including in each benefit is my personal experience with the benefit.

1: There are no text books for the parents to buy. This benefit helped keep my education at a lower cost, and also eased the burden of buying textbooks from my parents.

2: You can always redo a lesson or course, if you struggle with the material. This benefit helped me many times, mostly in Math(a course I struggle in). Instead of having to keep going with the course and not understanding anything I was able to retake a lesson or the entire course, which kept the learning process less stressful, for myself.

3: There is a course on Personal Finance. The Personal Finance course(I am taking that course at the moment), is a pretty large benefit for the student. Instead of the student once he/her is an adult, having to figure out home finance, and other things that have to do with finance on their own, they can instead learn Personal Finance before or during highschool. Which saves them time and money. Without the Personal Finance course, most likely when I am an adult I would be struggling with my finances, but now because I am taking it, I will be able to do my finances with less struggle.

4: There are two Business courses. The RPC business courses teach a variety of topics, such as writing ads, sales, etc. I am only taking the first business at the moment, so I don’t know exactly what topics are taught in the second one, but I do know that so far that the first business course has benefited me greatly, in the fact that I have a pretty good understanding about business.

5: For each course there are five free tryout lessons. Instead of having to buy the entire course before knowing what you are getting into. The RPC has five free tryout lessons on each course. If the student doesn’t like the course after finishing the tryout lessons, the parent doesn’t need to pay for the course. This benefit helped me have an insight on what I was getting into, in the course.

6: It is a self taught course above third grade; so almost no parent involvement. This benefit mostly benefited my parents. Instead of them having to sit down with me, to help me with my school, the RPC enables them to do other things, instead of just teaching me. Also this benefit has taught me to be more responsible.

7: It teaches responsibility through self learning. This benefit relates to the benefit above. Because the RPC is a self taught course, the student is the one that is responsible for their education, this benefit helped me become more responsible and independent when it comes to my school work.

8: The RPC, has a lot of tips on how to get into College or University without spending a ton of money and time. In the highschool RPC courses, College or University is mentioned many times, also there are courses that prepare you when you take CLEP exams, for College credit; which in turn saves you money and time, when it comes to College.

9: The curriculum has a freedom philosophy. This benefit has both benefited my parents and myself. It has benefited my parents because they believe in freedom, and this curriculum has a philosophy based on freedom, so their belief when it comes to freedom is then passed down to me. This benefited me because I now share a similar worldview as my parents.

10: Almost all courses except for math, requires a weekly essay. The RPC is very serious about good writing, it is one of the main skills that the curriculum really focuses on, so almost all of the courses require the student to write an essay, every week. This has benefited me and helped me become a better writer, and a writer that is able to get a lot of writing done in a day. 

11: The RPC teaches good writing, not only in the English course, but almost all courses but Math. Like I mentioned above this benefit has helped me become a better and faster writer.

12: The RPC, enables parents to do other things instead of teaching their children. My parents used to have to spend hours teaching me, but ever since I started using the RPC, my parents have been able to do other things, such as helping my younger siblings do their school, or doing things that they enjoy.

13: There is a course on Public Speaking. Public speaking is pretty important, especially if you want to have a career that requires a lot of speaking in front of a group. This benefit hasn’t exactly benefited me because I have not taken the course but, I have noticed that the people who have taken the course have benefited greatly when it comes to their confidence and speech ability, in front of a crowd.

14: There is a free course that teaches study skills. This free study skill course is called the ABC course, it is only available for members of the RPC. This course teaches students how to study effectively for College level exams. I have not yet taken the course, but probably soon I will be.

15: the final benefit is the fact that the lessons in each course are not very long, which leaves you time to do other things. If it wasn’t for this benefit, I probably wouldn’t be able to do swimming or skiing(both I enjoy doing). This benefit has also helped me spend time with my family instead of spending time on the computer all day.


This is my short report on fifteen benefits of the RPC.

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