If I Choose to Go to University, What Would Be My List of Majors I Would Consider

In this week’s essay I will be writing about my “list” of the university majors I would consider taking if I chose to go to university.

The List

I wouldn’t call my “list” a list, I only have one major I am interested in, Geology. Of course I know that Geology requires certain courses before I take the actual course such as biology, physics, chemistry, and some math. But I wouldn’t be taking those courses in College if I take clep tests on those subjects, to collect credit.

The reason why I chose Geology out of all the other university majors is because I always knew that if I did go to university I would take a major in science. I also knew I would never get a major in something like humanities, just because the job options for that major is limited.

The final reason why I chose Geology, is the fact that mining is probably going to be important throughout history; most things are made out of mined minerals or made from tools made from mined minerals, after all. So I believe that Geology will be a relatively secure job for the long run.


This is my “list” of the university majors that I consider.

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