My Ad to Persuade My Friend to Persuade His/Her Parents to Sign Up For the Ron Paul Curriculum

In this week’s business assignment, I was assigned to write an ad, to persuade my friend to persuade their parents into signing up for the Ron Paul Curriculum.

My Ad

Hello, my dear bestie. Do you wish that you could have time to do things such as ski in the weekdays, finish school at any time, wake up at any time, and still get done with your school? Well if you do, I have the exact thing for you: the Ron Paul Curriculum. This online curriculum enables you to do all those things above and more, and I will show you why.

The RPC or Ron Paul Curriculum is an online course for homeschoolers. The RPC uses video lessons instead of textbooks. Usually these online videos are shorter in length, usually less than thirty minutes, which leaves you plenty of time to get done with your school and do something else. The RPC doesn’t require a regular hours long school schedule, instead it allows you to create your own schedule that works for you and your family, which means no early mornings(unless you are a morning person),  no morning rush, and stress for both you and your parents.

The reason why the RPC is better than other homeschool courses is because. If you struggle in a particular subject you can always go back and retake a lesson or course with the RPC(I have done this many times). Also your parents don’t need to be involved in your education, unless they want to be, because the RPC is a self taught course, which teaches you to become independent and self reliable(my parents thanks to the RPC course are almost never involved with my education). If you struggle with your writing, no worries, one of the main focuses in the RPC is good writing! Which means that you will see a drastic improvement in your writing. If you have read one of my first essays on my blog, and the most recent you most likely noticed a pretty big difference in my writing ability and style.

I have been taking the RPC for almost five years now, and I and both my parents have seen a drastic improvement in our life and my education. So, if you really want these benefits, and the time to do things that you really want to do but cannot at the moment because of your hours long school days; and am willing to adjust to a new life of homeschooling, the RPC is the right course for you.

Note: this was probably one of the most fun writing assignments I have done so far, especially because all my friends are now homeschooled(the schools are shut), thanks to current situation of the world.


  1. Sarah E. says:

    It’s a great essay! Lol, but uh, it’s his/her not he/her. xD


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    1. Thank you! Oof, thanks for letting me know I will fix it!

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      1. Sarah E. says:

        Yeah np! 😀


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