A Strange Turn of Events

“Rina. Could I speak with you please?” asked Rachel softly as she tapped Rina’s shoulder gently, as Rina was walking to her French class.

“Rachel could this please wait until, after my French class, I am a little crunched for time.” replied Rina.

“That’s fine; well speak with you soon.” said Rachel, as she turned around and headed towards her locker, with her long flowing hair behind her.

Rina, thinking nothing of it, went on to her French class. After French she decided to meet up with Rachel to see what she wanted to talk about; it was easy to find Rachel, she was usually in the school library or with her hippie friends.

This time Rina found Rachel alone in the school library, reading a Charles Dickens novel. “Hi, Rachel; about the thing that you wanted to speak with me about.” asked Rina, as she sat down beside her friend.

“Oh yes. Well I need your help, with something, unrelated to the paper. Um, well tomorrow my family is having a family reunion. My cousin got married a few months ago, which caused a lot of issues with his mother and father. My parents decided to hold this family reunion to mend the family, in a way.” stammered Rachel.

“So technically you are asking me to help you with something that has to do with that.” asked Rina.

“Yes, exactly. I just need some help with what to wear, etc. My parents are fine with the way I dress, but my other relatives, not so much. So could you come over to my house, a few hours before the reunion, to help me with fashion. Please?” pleaded Rachel.

“Of course Rachel, but I am not expert when it comes to fashion, but I do know someone that does.” she replied, this was something that Mya would do everyday.

“Alright, Rachel, I will introduce you to someone that has fashion expertise.” said Rina.

“Gee! Thank you! Quick question: who is the person with the fashion expertise?” asked Rachel.

“My sister, Mya. You probably have seen her around. Tall, slim, resembles twiggy, with a short bob,” 

“Oh her. I actually did a project with her once. Thanks again!” answered Rachel, as she gave Rina a big hug.

“Mya!” exclaimed Rina, as she caught sight of her sister in the school hall.

“What is it? As you can see I am a little busy.” she hissed. That was when Rina noticed that Mya was getting asked on a date. Shoot! Mya would certainly fly a rage tonight.

“Well, Mya. My good friend Rachel needs some help with fashion and clothing, and I was wondering…. If you could help her?” hissed back Rina, with a slight plea.

“Alright. I accept. But now go, before my chances of a date this weekend is gone.” hissed Mya again, but she had a smile on her face which meant that she was going to do this without a question.

“Thanks. See you at home” she whispered, leaving her sister to her dating business.

The next day after the hassles of school, Rina, Rachel, and Mya, walked together to Rachel’s house. Mya, who liked chit chat, made sure that the walk was not silent at a single moment. When the three reached Rachel’s yellow modern bungalow, they had gone through five different topics for conversation. The inside of Rachel’s house was just as modern, clean, very white in color, and full of light, as the outside.

“Welcome to my den.” exclaimed Rachel, as she led them through the house, towards her bedroom.

 Rachel’s bedroom was quite different from the rest of the house; her room was colorful, really colorful, with dried flowers, unlit candles, and other hippie decor. It was also full of books, it seemed that Rachel was quite a bookworm.

“You have a nice place. Could I please now go through your closet Racel, to find you an outfit?” asked Mya.

“Of course, look through everything.” she replied with a big smile.

Rachel showed Rina her collection of books and sashes, which she had collected over the years. Mya on the other hand rummaged through Rachel’s small wardrobe, unsatisfied until she found the perfect outfit.

“Voila! I found something perfect!” announced Mya, as she handed Rachel a yellow skirt, with a cream colored sweater.

“Mya, are you sure this is suitable?” asked Rachel, a little unsure.

“Well, if your relatives don’t like the fact that you dress like a hippie, then they won’t like shorter skirts; so I chose an outfit that is a little modest than what I usually wear.” went on Mya.

“That’s true. Thanks Mya. Well I will go change.” Rachel left, leaving Mya and Rina alone together.

“Woah! Rachel’s house is classy, when I am a woman I would like a modern house just like this.” exclaimed Mya.

“Mya, I think Rachel might have heard you, that was a little loud; but I agree.” whispered Rina.

“Come on stop being so good.” Laughed Mya, her tone a little more quiet this time.

“Rina, and Mya. My parents are back from work and my relatives are with them so, I think you guys should leave, before you go through an awkward interaction with my family. You guys can leave from my window.” said Rachel out of the blue, she had just returned from the washroom.

“Wait so.. Your parents don’t know that we are here?” asked Rina.

“Exactly.” whispered Rachel, as she began opening her window.

“We better go Rina. Rachel is right, if we stay an awkward interaction will occur.” hissed Mya, as she grabbed her sister’s wrist.

“Thank you both!” whispered Rachel, as she helped Rina out of the window.

Rina and Mya, hurriedly walked through Rachel’s small yard, trying not to be noticed by the increasing number of cars and people in the driveway. 

“Uh, this will be difficult. I mean not getting noticed by a group of adults.” groaned Mya.

“I think I see a pathway through that hedge, on the left.” said Rina.

“Good eye.” the two girls quietly headed in that direction trying not to be noticed.

Suddenly, Rina caught sight of a very recognizable face; Hanna! Rina who was incredibly shocked and flustered stood still for ten seconds. Mya, had also noticed, got into action and dragged Rina, through the hedge and onto the street.

“You, idiot! We were almost caught! What were you thinking!” exclaimed Mya angrily.

“But… Han.” mustered Rina, before her sister covered her mouth.

“Stop right there. I know, I saw her too. So no need of jabbering off about seeing your older sister; that person might be someone else that looks like Hanna.” hissed Mya.

“Mya, but that has to be Hanna, I don’t know anyone else that has that face, Mom’s face!” she sputtered, yacking her sister’s hand off of her mouth.

“Rina, stop being dramatic. That was probably Hanna, but you have to answer this question; why didn’t Hanna, if that lady was Hanna, didn’t send Mom or Dad a letter.” pointed out Mya.

Mya did have a good point, but so did Rina. Hanna looked very similar to Mrs. Yack, almost identical; Hanna was small, with sleek black hair, and in general looked very Japanese, with greenish eyes.

“Mya, if that lady was Hanna, then that must mean that her husband, Derrell, is Rachel’s cousin. This is so weird.” moaned Rina, realizing the actuality. If Derrell was Rachel’s cousin, and Hanna was married to him, that would mean that Rachel was somewhat related to them, not by blood but through Hanna.

“Yes, I know it’s weird, Rina. But please keep your cool, we don’t want to cause trouble at home.” insisted Mya.

“You’re right. Mom, Dad, and Obachan don’t need more trouble nor drama in their lives.” gave in Rina.

“Good! But please promise me when we get home that nothing happened. Please Rina.” begged Mya.

“I promise. I promise that I won’t cause a fuss.” said Rina, it was not worth it to continue arguing with Mya, over this.

“Thank you.” replied Mya, hugging her sister.

The two girls began heading their way home, with a million questions whirling in their thoughts, the most prevalent of which was, was that young lady their recently married barely an adult sister? Or was she a complete stranger?

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