Can People Who Are Not Famous Be Better Role Models Than People Who Are Famous?

In this short essay I will be answering this question: can people who are not famous be better role models than people who are famous?

I personally believe that a good role model can be anyone that you think is a good role model. Everyone has different or slightly different moral values; so if I think someone is a good role model that necessarily doesn’t mean that you think the same about that person.

As for the thing with famous people, in my opinion I find that a lot of famous people or celebrities are not good role models whatsoever. But then again that is just my opinion. Personally I find that people who are not famous are more down to earth and grounded, most likely because fame can be toxic and a bad thing, just because fame can blind people from reality or who they actually are.

So in my opinion people who are not famous can be awesome role models. The reason for this is the fact that I have never ever met a celebrity, but I do know plenty of people who are not famous, this includes my parents, and I believe that my parents are good role models, but then again I am their daughter. Another reason is because celebrities though they may state a worldview on stage or to the public that does not necessarily mean that they actually believe in that world view; they might be just saying that they do for more fame. So who knows? The final reason. Everyone I know personally are not famous people nor celebrities; and because I know them I trust them more. Trust plays a large part in finding a good role model.


This is my short essay on my answer to the question: can people who are not famous be better role models than people who are famous?


  1. I agree, anyone can be a role model!!♥️

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