My Top Five Investing Tips That I Would Pass on to a Younger Person

In this week’s personal finance essay, I will be writing about my top five investing tips that I would pass on to a younger person.

The Tips

Tip 1: the first tip I would pass on is, always research the stock or bond before investing in it. Researching a stock for example gives you insight on how the stock has done over the years, what its current price, and if it’s at it’s high point or low point. All of these things you should consider before investing in a stock or bond.

Tip 2: my second tip I would pass on is, never put all your money in one stock or bond company, this especially goes for buying stocks in my opinion, if you put a lot of your money into a stock you may lose a lot or all your money if you put a large sum of money into a stock or bond.

Tip 3: my third tip I would pass on is, don’t be terribly shocked if you lose your money on a stock if it goes down in value or if a bond goes down in value, this happens a lot(I know many people who have lost money when the value of a stock or bond goes down). So if this does happen don’t give up, instead learn from that investing mistake, and improve on your investing skills.

Tip 4: my fourth tip I would pass on is, don’t invest in only one company! There are a few reasons for this one, say if the company that you only invested in went really down in value, you would be losing money! But if you had invested in three companies, and say that two of the companies gained in value, but the third went down in value, you won’t be losing as much money as you would have if you only invested in one company, because you gained money.

Tip 5: my fifth tip I would pass on is, please consider investing in precious medals, such as silver or gold. There are some reasons for this; these reasons are: precious metals usually keep their value for a while(this is because they are valuable), this is especially noticed if you actually invested in the physical metal. Another reason is the fact that precious metals are very good in a time when your country is experiencing high inflation, because they can hold up with their value for a while.


These are the five investing tips I would pass on to a younger person. 

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