The Difficulties of a Secret

Acting like nothing happened was easier said than done. Rina on multiple occasions that week nearly told her mother of encountering someone that looked identical to her elder sister. Mya was not exactly having an easy time either, especially with her friends.

Rina anxiously would look in the mailbox for a single letter from Hanna, telling her parents that she was in Victoria, but none came. Her parents wondered why their two daughters were constantly tense and awkward, but they never took action and asked what was going on, thankfully. Being around Rachel in school had become tense and awkward.

Finally came the day of Rina’s file sorting with Mrs. Lorimer. It actually was a relief to be with Mrs. Lorimer, she was not suspicious nor did she know Rina well, which was all for the better. Mrs Lorimer’s kind and spunky attitude eased Rina’s tenseness that she had been feeling for the entire week; and made her feel more relaxed when it came to chit chat.

“Rina, I forgot to ask you how your week has been? How has it been?” asked Mrs. Lorimer kindly.

“Pretty good, busy. How about yours?” 

“Wonderful! My week has also been good, pleasantly quiet.” she replied, sipping from her China cup.

“Mrs. Lorimer, I have a quick question.” asked Rina, maybe the advice of an elder woman that knew nothing about what was going on in her life, would be helpful.

“Anything my dear.” replied Mrs. Lorimer.

“Have you ever been in a situation where you encounter someone that you haven’t spoken to in a while; and that encounter with that person leads to a lot of unanswered questions?” asked Rina, quietly.

“Yes I have plenty of times. For example my sister and I got into a bad fight about twenty years ago over my parents’ will. My sister wanted something that I received, which led to a ridiculous fight. After that fight we didn’t speak to each other for ten years. At the end of those ten years I encountered her son, and he told me that my sister, his mother had passed away that week. Since then I have a limitless number of questions that have been unanswered.” said Mrs. Lorimer sadly.

Rina was surprised, and a little startled, she never would have thought that Mrs. Lorimer, a cheery and generally happy person had gone through something like that. Maybe everyone had some regret or questions that they wish were answered.

“I’m sorry. I never knew.” finally replied Rina, this was the only thing that she could say.

“It’s alright. It was the past.” said Mrs. Lorimer, gently patting Rina’s hand.

“Well. I encountered my older sister, or at least I think so. I haven’t spoken to her in a few months now.” said Rina, finally letting it out. Oh dear, Mya would kill her now.

“That kind of encounter sounds very awkward. Not knowing if that person is your sister or a complete stranger, that looks like your sister.” sympathized Mrs. Lorimer. She did not even press, why Rina had not seen her sister in a while, or why it was awkward to encounter her.

The rest of her evening with Mrs Lorimer was rather quiet, and lacked conversation, but at least Rina felt calm and at ease. Finally when it came to go home, Rina had almost forgotten about all that had happened during that week, until Mya began mentioning it.

“Alright, if we don’t get a letter by tomorrow, we will conclude that that person who we saw was not our sister.” blurted out Mya, out of the blue.

“Um, alright. But what if we do receive a letter?” asked Rina.

“Don’t be stupied. That will mean the exact opposite of what I said.” said Mya.

“Do you think we should tell Mom, I think she should know.” said Rina edging to the realm of fire in the conversation.

“Sure, and embarrass and cause trouble for our parents.” retorted Mya.

She was right like usual. They just didn’t have all the answers; they didn’t go up to their “sister” and speak with her, after all, thought Rina ruefully.

“How was work?” asked Mya, changing the subject completely.

“Alright. Mrs. Lorimer’s nice, and she can carry a good conversation.” replied Rina, immediately regretting the conversation that she had with Mrs. Lorimer.

“That’s good.” said Mya, absentmindedly. 

“Mya, do you miss Hanna?” asked Rina, breaking the silence.

“Yes I do, very much. It sucks that she had to move to Toronto, so far from Victoria.” sighed Mya ruefully. “But then, that was her choice and Derrell’s; and we both cannot change that.” added Mya.

“I wish that all of those things didn’t happen this summer. Hanna getting engaged, marrying without telling us, and packing up to leave, with Derrell, so that he can go to law school in Toronto.” stated Rina, sadly.

“You can’t change the past, Rina, neither can I. Maybe you should just forgive Hanna, for what she did, no matter how much it hurt you.” said Mya.

“It’s easier said than done. But I will try my best.” replied Rina.

“Thank you, Rina.” said Mya, as the two headed up the walkway of their house; not knowing what would happen next.

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