How Would I Invest 2000 Dollars?

In this personal finance essay I will be writing about, “how I would invest 2,000 dollars.”

I have never invested in anything before, so I would like to go about investing a little slowly, just because of my lack of experience. I would also not be putting all that money(2000 dollars), into one particular investment, and I would study the market carefully to be wary of scams such as Ponzi schemes. 

Like I wrote above, I have no experience whatsoever with investing, but I do know people who do invest, so I will base my investment choses to be somewhat similar to people that I know who have experience with investing. But I do know that I would like to invest in physical gold or silver(just to have a relatively steady assist), also I would invest when a stock is at its low end cost, this is somewhat difficult to determine though. I am not sure exactly on what other kinds of investments I would be making with 2000 dollars because the market is always changing, and when I do start investing the market most likely would be much different than it is today. So who knows what options will be out there. 


This is how I would invest 2000 dollars.

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