Is It More Courageous to Show Vulnerability Than it is to Show Strength?

Everyone(at least I think so), is vulnerable or scared of something, especially as a child. But over time those “little fears” you have you overcome, which inturn makes you stronger and less vulnerable. But because we are human we are not completely strong both emotionally and physically, so we also have a vulnerable side that we are trying to overcome. In this essay I will be answering the question: is it more courageous to show vulnerability than it is to show strength?

Like I mentioned above almost all humans are vulnerable, to at least one thing. As children usually are vulnerability is shown through small irrational fears such as the “fear of the dark” or some silly made up monster that you think is under your bed But over time those fears disappear when the child gets older and more mature, but a lot of the time new fears are added on such as getting bullied, failing in an exam, losing your love one, etc. 

Because humans are vulnerable doesn’t mean that they don’t hide their vulnerability; usually you see this in adults. No one really wants to look weak and helpless, so they put on a mask to hide it. But in a bad situation such as an accident or someone has stopped breathing, it is very hard to keep that mask of strength on.  So in a bad situation(I have been in a few including when my sister broke her hand), it is very hard not to look a little vulnerable.

In my opinion I believe that it is very hard to be completely strong when trying to be courageous, it is normal to feel vulnerable or scared in a bad situation. But I also do believe that staying calm as much as possible in a bad situation gives you strength, despite how scared you are.

In conclusion I personally believe that some vulnerability is fine when trying to be courageous, because it is natural to be scared especially in a bad situation. But if you keep your fears and vulnerability under control in a bad situation then that will prove real strength. It goes both ways in a lot of situations.

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