The Truth: Somewhat

“What!.. What do you mean.” asked Rachel, not believing her ears.

“Your cousin’s wife is my sister.” Rina at this point did not care what anyone thought.

“How. That’s impossible?!” 

“I know it sounds absolutely insane, so please let me explain. Please, Rachel.” begged Rina.


“Well for two years my sister Hanna was dating a guy named Derrell Alester; it didn’t seem serious at first, but she got a lot of jobs over those two years, and she focused on graduating early from high school; which she did. Before I even knew it I saw her packing her bags, and telling me that she had got married. Without telling me, my sister, or my parents. My sister Mya, and my parents got over it pretty quickly, because they approved of Derrell, they thought he was a good guy, and I agree with that. But the thing is she left my family, she got married without telling “us.” explained Rina, slowly.

Rachel, quietly took this all in. “It makes sense now, why my aunt and uncle were so mad. Why Derrell and his wife are staying at my home, not his parents.” exclaimed Rachel.

“Shh… We can’t be too loud, my sister is here. But could you please promise not to tell anything to anyone.” asked Rina, feeling guilty already of what she was doing.

“I will not. Also, I see your sister, Mya and your parents picking up Hanna and Derrell, from my house every Sunday. I just want to let you know.” said Rachel.

“Thanks, Rachel for letting me know. Also, I don’t want to be nosy or anything but I would like to speak with you about your smoking. To get things clear I don’t hold anything against you for doing so.” said Rina.

“I want to speak about that too. To begin with, I don’t smoke everyday, I really cannot afford it which is a good thing. But sometimes my friends Hal and Trinity have it on hand, and I do smoke, which isn’t good. I know I should tell my parents, but I am planning on quitting, I have already called Hal and Trinity that I have quit.” said Rachel.

“Alright, but please promise me that if you ever do it again, could you please consider that smoking is not in the best interest of your health.” said Rina, she knew that bashing Rachel with how awful smoking was for you, was a bad idea. It wouldn’t work.

“Thank you Rina for being understanding.” said Rachel.

“No problem. Friends are meant to help one another.” replied Rina, squeezing her friend’s hand.

“Thanks, again Rina.” replied Rachel softly.

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