An Ending and a New Beginning

After being told by her sister Hanna that Mya knew that she was in Victoria this entire time; Rina decided not to tell Mya anything of what she was doing. This was probably for all the better. 

As for unusual behaviour by her parents and sister, those were unlimitless. The issue was the fact that her parents met up with Hanna on Sunday, the day that she worked. Perfect! For her parents, but not so much for her. 

Maybe she should have just asked her parents? But then it would be more ideal for her parents to tell her. As for Rachel’s insight, her parents didn’t know anything about what was going on in my family, so they behaved like an open book.

She just needed her parents to open up and tell her about it. But how? Was the question. She knew from Rachel’s insight that Hanna was only staying in Victoria for another week. So she was crunched for time. Maybe she could confront them, but that would be rash.

Bingo! She realized that she just found a solution. She could just ask them about Hanna, how she was doing, etc. With a low profile, and calm attitude, just curious about her sister, which she was, just not in the way that her parents would think.

She quickly sat up and hurriedly headed down stairs. Her Mom was not in the kitchen, most likely in her art studio. She quietly made herself some instant coffee(coffee kept her relaxed). She was now ready to ask questions to her Mom, and stay calm at the same time.

Quietly stepping into her mother’s small, tidy, and art filled studio. “What are you painting today Mom?” asked Rina; art was a good topic to start with.

“I am not painting, I am actually folding origami.” replied Mrs. Yack gently, turning around from her work.

“Nice! Could I see one, please?” asked Rina.

“Of course, Rina-chan.” said Mrs. Yack, handing her a delicately folded crane.

“It’s beautiful.” said Rina, which was true.

“Thank you. I felt that the house needed some decoration.” 

“Yes. Origami is always needed for decoration.” replied Rina.

After a moment of silence, Rina decided to take action and go straight to the topic. “Mom, how is Hanna. This may seem a little random but I have not asked about her in awhile.” asked Rina, she knew she was edging it a little.

Her mother lit up like a candle with that single sentence. “I thought you would never ask! She’s quite well. Happy. She and Derrell finally moved out of the motel that they were staying in, they finally moved to a proper apartment, close to where Derrell goes to school. Hanna’s working as a nanny, and Derrell is working at one of his distant relative’s businesses.” 

“That’s wonderful! Do you know if Hanna is coming to Victoria anytime soon, with Derrell of course?” asked Rina, she was really pushing, but her curiosity was getting the better of her. 

“Hopefully soon. But I have a question, why all the sudden are you wondering about Hanna. You both did have a big fight in the summer after all.” asked her Mother curiously.

Shoot! She had created another mess! “Well, I am wondering because she is my sister after all, and I haven’t heard from her in awhile. Which makes me slightly curious.” she replied, hoping that would swerve her mother away from suspicion.

“Alright. Well to answer your question Rina; hopefully soon Derrell is busy with school of course but, I believe it will be soon.” Mrs. Yack replied calmly.

She was lying; Hanna was in Victoria at this very moment, but again, Rina needed to behave calmly.

“Yes of course, hopefully.” she replied, as innocent as possible.

“Rina, your Obachan baked some cookies today. I would like you to drop some off at Mrs. Lorimer’s, because there is far too much for us, please?.” asked Mrs. Yack, changing the subject very much.

Rina knew her mother well, this was a way to distract her from asking too many questions about Hanna. But she decided to do what she was asked, and act like giving cookies to someone was the most normal thing to do, which it was, right?

“Of course Mom. I would gladly.” she replied, hoping she sounded convincing.

“Thank you, dear!”

Rina left her mother. She got ready to endure the walk to Mrs. Lorimer’s house, with a cookie can in her arms, which was slightly embarrassing.

The air outside was crisp and cool, like it usually was in the fall in Victoria, counting out all the rainy days. The tree leaves were turning into a beautiful slightly orange, red, or yellow shade, soon there would be raking leaves season, but the beauty of fall was worth it.

Rina felt calm, though she was annoyed with her family, and disappointed that things had turned this way, she was a little more ready to do what it could take to mend her relationship with Hanna, than she had been for the last few months. 

But then again, that would be hard if she hadn’t really gotten the chance to speak with Hanna and probably won’t be speaking with her anytime soon, if she was leaving in less than a week. Maybe she could consider these baby steps for her family, they had been hurt too, when Hanna had left, of course.

Maybe they were doing this for a reason, to mend their relationship with Hanna, so that they could help her mend it with Hanna. Maybe that was why? Her parents did things for her and her sisters best interest, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they were doing it like that. 

Before she could analyze her theory further she had reached Mrs. Lorimer’s house. Taking a deep breath she knocked on the heavy door, to wait for a response. Like always Mrs. Lorimer replied with a flash.

“Oh, hello Rina.” Mrs. Lorimer said, with a look of surprise.

“ Hello, Mrs. Lorimer. I just came to stop by and drop some cookies off, that’s all.” replied Rina, handing her the can of cookies.

“Why thank you dear! These look amazing!” she exclaimed, gently taking the cookie can.

“Your welcome. I ought to go now.” said Rina.

“Oh no rush my dear, do you want to have tea?” Mrs Lorimer as with the sincerity of an elderly grandmother.

“Oh no thank, I better head home. But thank you for asking.” replied Rina, she really needed to go.

“Alright, see you on Sunday.” she replied, giving a slight wave.

“Good bye and see you soon, Mrs. Lorimer.” said Rina. Grateful it was over.

She hurriedly left Mrs. Lorimer’s house, and hurried down the street. She hoped that she might be able to catch her parents, at Rachel’s house, but she doubted she would catch them.

After running for sometime she reached Rachel’s home, she was right. She was too late to catch them. She watched sadly as the distant shape of her parent’s car faded away. She decided to give up. It was seriously no use! She thought, as she sadly turned around and started heading her way, home.

Suddenly! Rina saw Rachel running towards her.

“Thank goodness! I found you! I was looking for you everywhere, at the library, your house, and even Mrs. Lorimer’s house!” exclaimed Rachel.

“What is it, Rachel!? Did something bad happen?” asked Rina, curiously.

“Somewhat. I’m getting sent away.” replied Rachel sadly.

“What do you mean, sent away?” asked Rina, realizing that the worse was going to be said.

“My parents want me to…” she didn’t finish.

“Your parents want you to do what!? Rachel please, tell me!” begged Rina, she was getting more concerned.

“My parents are worried about me. They think I’m out of line, and am causing trouble for myself.” she replied sadly.

“Oh no! What kind of trouble?” asked Rina, who was rather frightened and concerned for Rachel now.

“It’s mainly my sudden change of appearance, personality, and friends. Also Hal and Trinity are getting sent away too. Trinity to Montreal to her Aunt’s place, Hal to his grandparents farm off the Island. So my parents want me to take a break from Victoria, meet some new people, and hopefully change for the better” Rachel replied, nervously.

“Wow. I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry. But where are you leaving to? And for how long will you be gone?” Rina asked, she sincerely did not want Rachel to leave but, there was no choice.

“That’s fine. I don’t know what to say either.. I’m going to be staying at my Dad’s third cousin’s place in Toronto, sounds complicated I know. I will be gone until Christmad break, but will after return back to Toronto until the Summer.” replied Rachel, painfully.

“Oh my! That’s so long, and Toronto is so far!” exclaimed Rina, with a tint of shock in her voice.

“I know. It’s a bummer, but I will work with it.” sighed sadly Rachel.

“Of course you will, you are Rachel Blanche after all.” grinned Rina slightly, trying to light up the situation.

“True! But the main thing is, I will be able to tell you how your sister is doing, because I will be seeing her quite often now.” said Rachel, bringing the conversation into a more positive light.

Rina slowly taking in the news realized that she still had a chance of making amends with Hanna, as long as she contacted her through Rachel, and got her parents to invite Hanna and Derrell over for Christmas, which was a little over time months away.

“Oh my goodness Rachel! Rina didn’t have anything else that she could say.

“Rina I know you are probably shocked. But I could use my going away as a way to help mend both of our families, especially yours.” replied Rachel kindly, as she hugged her friend.

“Rachel, thank you so much, for being so considerate even though you are moving across the country. I will miss you.” said Rina with a slight sadness and happiness in her voice, her eyes getting a little wet.

“Your welcome. I will miss you too, and Anne, and Mya.” replied, Rachel, gently.

“By the way Rachel. Did you tell Anne yet?” asked Rina, regaining her emotions.

“Not yet, maybe we could tell her together at school, tomorrow. Anne would probably be really upset, especially because I will be leaving the school paper.” sighed Rachel sadly.

“Of course I would! Don’t worry Rachel, Anne would understand and get over it. Besides finding someone to replace you for the paper, though challenging is not impossible. She will miss you more than be angry at you” replied Rina, encouragingly.

“Thanks, that is good to know. Well I better get going now. My Mom is probably throwing a fit and calling the police right now.” said Rachel, with a slight laugh.

“Same here. Well good bye Rachel, and see you tomorrow!” replied Rina, hugging her friend, trying to remain calm and not too emotional.

“Bye, Rina! See you!” she said giving Rina a small hug, and waving a sad goodbye.

As Rina headed her way home, she pondered on all the things that had happened in her life, and all the craziness that was going on.This had been a strange day for her after all. A day of an end and a new beginning, for Rachel and her friendship. 

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