Is a Perfect Society Possible or Even Desirable

In this short essay I will be answering the question: is a perfect society possible or even desirable.

Society has never been known to be perfect throughout history. There have been constant phases of peace and conflict in society since its existence. This will probably go on for a very long time. This is because the World is not a perfect one, and nor will it ever be; but that does not mean that society or the world does not improve. Everyday something is getting improved and new changes are made for the better.

So though improvements are constantly being made to society, it shall never be perfect, in my opinion, because things are always changing and humans are definitely not perfect. So in my opinion a perfect society is impossible. But, it has been attempted though many times throughout history, and at times it feels that you live in a perfect society, but that is a delusion; society is always changing so who knows what conflicts will arise in society.

Is a perfect society desirable? Yes it can be at times, a society without wars, political conflict, suffering, and disaster, sounds very wonderful indeed! But without a little suffering or hardship society would never improve, and it will stay the exact same forever, which isn’t exciting or realistic. Also, without some turmoil, the world would be rather dull, humans would be less alert and ready for the challenges of life, and things would be quite quiet. Personally I would find that really strange and unnatural, I prefer some excitement.


So in my personal opinion I believe that a perfect society is impossible, even though sometimes it does feel that you live in a perfect society. As for the desirability of a perfect society can be great. But where would be the excitement and the will of taking on a challenge if society is perfect without conflict or a challenge. So personally I do not desire a perfect society.

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