Starting Fresh

It had been over a week since Rachel had left Victoria, with Hanna(Rina was not supposed to know that though). She and Anne since Rachel had left had been putting the pieces together, when it came to replacing Rachel for the school paper. But that was a small part, the big part for Rina was trying to give her parents an opening so that they could tell her about what was really going on.

But that was at their own time, and most likely not for a while. But Rina hoped it would be before Christmas, she had two months to go, which was plenty! Of time, right? But the clock was ticking and soon it would be Christmas like a flash.

“What are you thinking about, Rina.” interrupted Rina’s thoughts.

“Oh, just what’s going on. Missing Rachel.” replied Rina, trying not to sound annoyed.

“Hmmm. Rachel was great, she shall be missed. Can I sit?” replied and asked Mya.

“Sure, why not. That’s true.” 

“I have something to tell you Rina. Something important.” asked Mya.

By Mya’s tone Rina knew it was important, and she had an idea what Mya was going to tell her.

“Of course, I’m all ears.” replied Rina, excited.

“It’s something to do with Hanna. She was in Victoria for two-ish weeks, but the most important thing is that Mom, Dad, and I knew about it. We even visited her like five times, Mom probably even more. So I’m just saying that I lied to you. I’m sorry, I should have told you on the day that we first saw her, at Rachel’s house.” Mya said all of this very gravely. 

“I knew Mya.” replied softly Rina, spilling all the beans.

“What! How?! I thought I got you to completely forget about her..” exclaimed Mya, with surprise.

“Let me explain. I did forget about her for some time, but when I visited Rachel during her smoking incident, I bumped into Hanna. She told me everything about you, Mom, and Dad.” explained quietly Rina.

“Woah! I would have never guessed.” laughed Mya, softly.

“True. But I still don’t understand why Mom and Dad didn’t tell me.” asked with curiosity Rina.

“They didn’t tell you because they didn’t want you and Hanna to get into another fight. Also they thought you weren’t ready.” replied Mya.

“I’m not really ready, so they’re right, but… Did Obachan know about all of this?” 

“Yes, she did. She was against it the entire time, she wanted to see Hanna, you, and myself be the trio again. Mom and her argued about it a couple of times.”

Wow… All of this happened without me noticing.” sighed Rina.

“I know, it’s crazy. But I have a question for you. Are you ready to forgive Hanna, though how badly she hurt you.” asked Mya, seriously.

“I am most days, but other days, I just feel so angry at her. She had so much potential, she could have been accepted by so many universities, she could have been a doctor or something! But instead she chose a life with her highschool sweetheart.” sighed Rina, sadly.

“That was something she never wanted. She hated school, despised it even. All she ever wanted was to finish, though she was pure talent academically.” 

“You’re right, Mya. Were you angry at her when she left?” asked Rina, she wondered what her sister thought.

“Yes I was. I was angry because, this sounds so stupid. But here it goes. Hanna was the best out of us three, when it came to school, so Mom and Dad expected her to go to university. They won’t admit it but, they always knew that she would get the farthest when it came to school. But when Hanna got married, I began getting more pressure to go to university, not exactly but still. I don’t want to go to university, I want to get a job straight after highschool.” replied Mya.

“Wow! There are so many things that I don’t know.” 

“Yep.. Our family is giving us surprises everyday.” joked Mya, though she was actually serious.

“Hmmm. Well we both are putting more pieces together in the puzzle of life.” laughed Rina.

“Yes, thankfully. Also I promise that I won’t keep another secret from you about Hanna.” announced Mya, gravely.

“Thanks, I won’t keep secrets from you about Hanna either. But would you like to tell me about your dating life!?” giggled Rina.

“Seriously Rina! You are the worst. There are some things that I must keep from you, which includes most of my dating life!” groaned, the very exasperated Mya.

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