Can People Have too Much Enthusiasm

There are three kinds of people in situations when it comes to enthusiasm in my opinion; the person that is very enthusiastic, the person who has little to no enthusiasm, and the person that is in between. In this essay I will be answering the question: can people have too much enthusiasm.

For me personally I show a lot of enthusiasm when I am doing something I enjoy doing, but if I was doing something, for example, a tedious task like writing notes for an exam, I show a little to no enthusiasm. So for me personally I show different amounts of enthusiasm in different situations, I believe that goes for most people. So personally I believe that people can have too much enthusiasm. 

This is because most people have something that they have an interest or passion for, or in other words, enthusiastic for. Usually too much enthusiasm is fine, but this depends on the situation. Usually people who are very enthusiastic are usually seen in society as “irritating,” “immature,” and maybe even foolish. This is sometimes for good reason. People when they are overly enthusiastic they are too confident when it comes to something, which sometimes blinds them from the fact that: that something doesn’t work or it’s a bad idea; and when it is proven that something is as great as it seems, that overly enthusiastic person most likely go through a phase of defeat or disappointment.

But like a lot of things too much enthusiasm is also a good thing, especially seen in team sports. This is because an enthusiastic person is usually the most confident out of the team. Also enthusiastic people in sports teams, because they don’t put their team members down, but instead lift them up and make them feel more confident, unlike a doom and gloom type of person, actually gives the team a higher chance of winning.


 So getting back on topic, I believe that people can have too much enthusiasm. But though it can be a bad thing, it is also a good thing. In this essay I answered the question: can people have too much enthusiasm?


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