The Drama’s of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was coming around in a matter of days, which meant preparations and decorating. Rina and her family who liked to celebrate Thanksgiving very traditionally started extra early when it came to preparations. 

Most of Rina’s family would be coming, including her Mother’s side. Which meant her home would be full to the brim with people. Rina’s main duty for the preparations was to give out invitations to their relatives that lived near to them which was mainly her mother’s side, and some close friends, who were considered family.

“Mom. I gave out all the invitations.” announced Rina happily, after her last day of delivering invitations.

“Most wonderful! Well I have one more invitation for you to deliver, that I forgot to give you..” replied her mother calmly.

“Oh, alright..” sighed Rina.

“No sad face, Rina-chan, it’s just one invitation. Here.” teased Mrs. Yack, as she handed Rina a small invitation.

“Who’s this invitation for?” asked Rina, she seriously hoped it wasn’t for one of her many second cousins.

“Mrs. Lorimer.” answered Mrs. Yack, as she trimmed one of her indoor plants.

“What! Mrs. Lorimer is not really a close friend, not to be rude or anything, but still.” said Rina, with a little surprise in her.

“Mrs. Lorimer is a very good friend, Rina-chan. Also she’s spending Thanksgiving alone if we don’t invite her, because all of her family is out of province or in the US. How would you feel being alone during Thanksgiving?” asked her mother sternly.

“Gee, that sounds rough. I will go drop it off.” Rina replied, pityingly, and also avoiding her mother’s lecture on kindness.

“Good girl!” replied her mother, giving her a gentle squeeze on the shoulder.

Mrs Lorimer gladly accepted the invitation when she received it, she even said that she would bring a pie. So her mother was right, Mrs. Lorimer technically had no one, which was rather sad. Having a family that didn’t want to visit you.

After dropping off Mrs. At Lorimer’s invitation, Mya and her began preparing the Thanksgiving desserts. It had become a tradition for the last five years for the Yack girl(Hanna, Mya, Rina), to make all the Thanksgiving desserts. Because Hanna was across the country, it was only Mya and Rina doing the baking, which left a rather sad and empty space between them. It just didn’t feel right to do something that they had done with Hanna for the last three years, with her being gone, but they persisted.

“Do you think there will be a lot of family drama during this Thanksgiving?” asked Rina to Mya.

“Probably, especially with Aunt Susan in the midst of the people coming.” replied Mya. 

Aunt Susan was probably Mya and Rina’s least favorite Aunt’s by far, she was in general a great gossip, and enjoyed getting into everyone in her family’s business, especially when something relatively scandalous, such as her niece getting married at eighteen.

“Seriously! Why is she invited, again… I don’t hate her but right now is a perfect time for her wildfire of gossip and rumors, just because Hanna’s marriage is fresh news.” groaned Rina, with deep annoyance.

“Well, she’s family, and she’s Dad’s sister. It would just break Dad’s heart if we were anything near rude to Aunt Susan during Thanksgiving. We can’t just hurt Dad, so let’s grin and bear it.” hissed Mya sternly, as Mr. Yack passed by them, to get a glass of water.

“You’re right. It’s just a bummer that everyone has to go through Aunt Susan’s troublesome speeches.” sighed Rina.

“Yep! Especially Obachan. Remember how rude Aunt Susuan was to Obachan last year?” replied Mya, her tone a little in the mood to gossip.

“I know! I literally thought Mom would kick her out!” exclaimed Rina, then quieting herself.

“Yes, but that would have devastated Dad. You know how he feels about Susan, she basically raised him, after their parents died.” whispered Mya.

“That is also true. I will just have to suck it up.” groaned Rina.

The two girls continued with their baking, hoping that Thanksgiving was going to be a regular and normal one for them; though that was a low chance. Thanksgiving was never normal for their family.

Finally it was Thanksgiving! Thought Rina, as she suddenly sat up in bed. Today was going to be a strange and awkward day, dealing with relatives you barely knew! She thought.

After Rina woke up, it was hectic chaos for the next hours, with preparations, cleaning, and overall things that you do when a bunch of guests are coming over. After those hours Rina was exhausted, she barely had the energy to look nice and presentable, for the masses of family coming over.

But with Mya’s rather abusive speech, on being strong and energized, she got her energy back; and rushed to her next task, which was looking presentable and getting a bite to eat. After hurryingly doing that, she then began helping Obachan iron the napkins, which was an actual thing in her family!

After making sure that every napkin was completely smooth and creaseless, she waited with Mya at the door. Waiting for the dozen cars, and the huge stream of adults and children that were going to enter their home.

At last they saw the first car. Than other, than other. It went on, but soon the Yack’s driveway was full, and so was the doorstep. The first guests to arrive were Auntie Maria(their Mom’s sister), her husband, and three children all under the age of ten. Then came Uncle Dave and Great Aunt Eliza(their Dad’s brother and Aunt), and this line went on, until Mrs. Lorimer arrived; looking extra classy, clad in a handsome light blue suit, and black pumps, her hair also looked like it had been put up in rollers the night before, she was also carrying a pie, like she had promised.

 “Rina. May I speak with your mother or father.” asked Mrs. Lorimer, after a mild back and forth of “hello,” and “How are you.”

“Of course Mrs. Lorimer. I must apologize for the rather crowded area of space we are in. Come this way.” gestured and replied Rina, leading Mrs. Lorimer towards her mother, who was less occupied with “chit chatting” with relatives.

“That’s fine, Rina dear. I like large family and friend gatherings.” replied Mrs. Lorimer with an energetic smile, she seemed to be enjoying herself greatly.

Rina left her mother and Mrs. Lorimer, and headed towards her cousins, all of which were different in ages, and personalities.

“Hello. Mel.” said Rina, to her cousin Melissa, a rather posh and snobbish girl, of twelve. Though she was younger than Rina, her personality made her seem at least the same age. 

“Hi, Rina. Isn’t this quite dreadful, all of these people. Are your mother’s family here?” she replied and asked with a snobby annoyed voice.

“Hmmm. I think it’s quite nice. We both have large families. Yes of course, why wouldn’t they be?” asked Rina, she was seriously over speaking with Mel.

“You are quite impossible Rina, like always.” groaned Mel.

Rina decided against arguing with Mel, and went on to check out the rest of her relatives, mainly to see if her Aunt Susan was here. She hoped that Susan would arrive a little late, there was definitely no need to start some serious drama now.

Her hopes were confirmed, Aunt Susan had not arrived. She decided to enjoy and have a conversation with some of her cousins. Mya was in the center of the attention, as she was getting probably a million questions on school and university, topics that Mya hated.

After thirty minutes of chitchat, Rina and her mother began preparing for supper or the Thanksgiving feast, which was easy, just some decorating. When Rina was whipping some cream into whipped cream she heard a knock.

“Rina-chan, could you please check the door for me, I have to finish the gravy.” asked Mrs. Yack, as she whisked some flour into the liquid mixture.

“Sure, Mom.” replied Rina, quickly wiping her hands on her apron, and hurrying to the door. The knocking was a steady one, a very familiar one. As Rina opened the door, she saw the face of…..

“Hello, Rina! Happy Thanksgiving” exclaimed the very loud voice of Aunt Susan, a woman of average height, that shared a large resemblance in appearance to Rina’s father.

Rina was completely speechless, but she soon regained her speech. “Oh, hi, Aunt Susan. Please come in as you have been expected.” she stammered, a little coldly. Shoot!

“Don’t be so formal. I once heard that being formal when greeting family is like a smack in the face.” went on Aunt Susan, sternly.

Quickly and subtly cutting her Aunt off, Rina asked her how her day was, and brought her Mom to takeover. She was not exactly in the mood to deal with Susan’s rather irritating tales, and “once heards.” 

“Mya stop stuffing your face, she’s here..” hissed Rina angrly, to Mya after finding her in the kitchen, taking a spoonful of whipped cream.

“Who’s here to be exact? I am not stuffing my face, I am only tasting.” shot back Mya.

Sure! Thought Rina rolling her eyes. “Aunt Susan, you fool.” exclaimed Rina a little too loud.

“Ohh… Well that was expected. Unfortunate as it is, but Dad and Mom can deal with her. So let us have fun; forget about all the “Hanna drama” but instead enjoy this once a year holiday!” announced Mya, taking a sip of punch.

“You are right. But quick questions, you are acting a little drunk. But let us go to our cousins and play some twister.” smiled Rina, leading her sister back to the action.

“Absolutely not! Who do you think I am?!” exclaimed Mya, moodily.

Who knows? Though Rina, but she kept her mouth shut.

After a hilariously fun round of twister(Rina felt that she had pulled most parts of her body), Rina’s family sat down for supper, the Thanksgiving feast. The meal was not a silent one, with Aunt Susan taking the lead role in the conversation. She still had not asked Hanna out, or had said anything too much. Which was a relief for Rina and Mya, but you could never be sure with Aunt Susan’s mouth.

Mrs. Lorimer, who was sitting beside Rina, noticed her rather anxious countenance. “Rina, dear what is troubling you?” asked Mrs. Lorimer, gently.

“I am just worried that this Thanksgiving will end in drama.” replied Rina, it was better to be honest, at this point.

“Why do you think that would happen?” she asked, gently wiping her mouth with the napkin.

“Well, this year has not been the best for my family. My elder sister got married, almost immediately after graduating; her marriage caused a great deal of drama and judgement, in my family.” she had done it, she had finally told Mrs. Lorimer, basically pretty much everything…

“Oh. I must say that family drama is unpleasant and troublesome, and I feel you. But I highly recommend that you enjoy yourself today, no matter what drama or havoc may occur.” advised Mrs. Lorimer, in her wisest and kindest voice.

“Yes, you are right. Mrs. Lorimer.” Rina had said this sentence so many times, it was rather irritating.

Mrs. Lorimer didn’t reply but instead handed Rina an envelope. Rina was confused, but soon realized it was a check, the first that she had received from Mrs. Lorimer. She quietly thanked Mrs. Lorimer. Supper soon ended and the mass of family and friends headed towards the living room, before they would leave in an hour.

Rina and her sister quietly helped their mother and Obachan clean the kitchen, but at the same time listened in on the conversations in the living room. Aunt Susan was increasingly more involved in the conversation in the living room, with occasional nosy questions about certain family members.

 At any moment she would most likely start antagonizing her brother(Rina’s Dad), with questions such as “why Hanna isn’t here?” Which would cause an uproar of mini whisper conversations with the other family members on Hanna, and “scandalous marriage.” Who knows what rumors would begin; Rina’s other family members weren’t gossips but with Susan’s coaxing, they would easily become one that evening.

Mya looked at Rina with the “look” of “go and change the subject, before..” In Mya’s words, “idiotic arguments would occur.” Rina quietly excused herself, and said that she would like to speak with one of her cousin’s, which was true, partially except for maybe the fact that she was going to most likely begin speaking with the adults.

But she was too late to prevent her Aunt from asking too many questions. Because her Aunt just began asking about, Hanna…

Rina groaned, now Aunt Susan could not be stopped. She would want to know everything that was going on, and she would do anything to know, everything. As Rina entered the living room, awkwardly. Her Aunt’s attention landed on her.

“Rina, I was just asking about your sister, Hanna. How’s she doing.” asked her Aunt, curiously.

Rina really did not know exactly how Hanna was doing, Rachel had only written her once, a short letter, on how she was doing and the new school she was starting. Nothing on Hanna, at all. Besides she had not seen Hanna in ages, but her Aunt did not need to know that..

“She’s well. I’ve not seen her in a while so.. I am not exactly sure of the details.” replied Rina, trying to keep it vague.

“Well, that doesn’t sound right, you too were so close. You should know what she is doing?” announced her Aunt.

“Well she’s..” tried to reply, Rina, but was interrupted by Mrs. Lorimer.

“Good bye, Rina, Mr. and Mrs. Yack, and everyone else, I better get on my way home. I wish you all a wonderful rest of your evening.” exclaimed Mrs. Lorimer, as she shook Rina’s hands, and began collecting her things. When she did look at Rina, she winked. Because she knew that her leaving would distract everyone from the topic of “Hanna.”

Rina quietly said Thanks, to Mrs, Lorimer, as she ushered her out of the house. Soon everyone else began slowly leaving, and in a matter of thirty minutes the Yack house was empty and still. Rina sighed, with relief; today had been an overwhelming yet very enjoyable, even with Aunt Susan’s irritating ness.

“Rina, let’s help Mom out in the kitchen, there is a huge pile of dishes to get done.” said the very tired Mya.

“Of course.” replied Rina, with a deep yawn.

“By the way. You did a great job of distracting Aunt Susan.” added Mya, with a slight praise.

“I didn’t do it, Mrs. Lorimer did.” Rina had been surprised by Mrs. Lorimer. That she was listening to Aunt Susan’s nosy questions; and had the kindness of distracting everyone from Aunt Susan. Again Rina did not know Mrs Lorimer at all it seemed, she was full of surprises.

“Okay. Wait.. Mrs. Lorimer had your back?” asked Mya, surprised and curious.

“Pretty much.” laughed Rina.

“Well she sure saved you from Aunt Susan’s questioning.” joked Mya, she was really serious though.

“Yes. But even though this Thanksgiving was a little weird, we can’t forget that it was pretty wonderful to see our family, including Aunt Susan! I never realized that I missed our cousins so much, especially the twins.” answered Rina, dreamily. 

“That is sure right! Oh and those babies were adorable, especially Hughie. Those cheeks.” sighed Mya.

“Alright, we are getting a little distracted here. We better clean up the kitchen, than maybe we can eat up some of the leftover pumpkin pie.” giggled Rina mischievously.

“I’m all in! Now that pumpkin pie is in the game.” announced Mya, as she entered the kitchen.

Rina laughed behind her. Mya would do anything to eat more pumpkin pie, including washing a million dishes.

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