The Scope From Rachel and Some Bad News

It was the first day of school since Thanksgiving; Thanksgiving had now become a distant memory, like most aftermaths from holidays. Victoria High students had begun to remove the Thanksgiving decorations, soon enough, all remnants of the holiday would be gone.

Also, Principal Horn was at the verge of completely canceling the school paper, if Anne and Rina do not find someone to replace Rachel. The two girls were stuck with the same problem as they had been in weeks back, before Rachel had joined. But Rachel’s newspaper writing endeavors were cut short, because of a sudden turn of events.

But with all of these problems today was a special day. “Anne! I just got a letter from Rachel. A long one!” announced Rina, as she sank into one of the school lounge chairs(she had a fifteen minute break before another class). 

“Yippee! What did she say.” asked Anne, excitedly. Rachel for the last bit had only been sending Rina and Anne short notes like letters; maybe because she was busy, but still. They really wondered how she was, if she met new friends, how was her new school, Thanksgiving, and most of all(for Rina), how Hanna was.

“Alright. Well come close Anne. I will read it aloud.” announced Rina.

Dear friends

I am sorry to have been rather short with all my letters; I have been rather busy. Adjusting to a new life in a new and big city. The new school I am going to is very fancy, and full of, let me just say, the children of wealthy people. But a lot of the students there are more nice than cold, so I have been making some new friendships, which I am grateful for. As for my Dad’s third cousin, she’s swell(her name is Dorothy by the way). She is a spinster, if I am allowed to say so, but super nice and understanding! She is also one of the main board members at the school I go to. But enough about her. Thanksgiving was great; Hanna and Derrell(they are well, happy), were the only people over, so it was quiet, which made me miss home a little and you guys. Hanna has become a real good friend to me, Rina, she has even offered to help me with school, which I gladly accept, she’s a bomb at math! That’s for sure. So everyone over here is doing just swell! 

This is a note to Anne(I like separating my letters with small notes).

Hello, Anne. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I wish your family the best. I also hope that you have found someone to replace me for the school paper; I don’t want Horn to cancel it, and don’t let him. The school paper is what makes Victoria High unique, so don’t let him win! Well again, I wish you the best for both you and your family.

Note to Rina.

Hello, Rina. Well here is a little scope on how your sister is doing, and her husband. They are doing pretty well. I also visited their home a couple of times; their place is pretty small but cozy, a real nerd burrow. I have never seen so many books in one space(it makes sense though, Derrell is studying like a mad man). Your sister is pretty busy most days, she’s a nanny/tutor for two young children, which leaves her tired at the end of the day. But other than studying super hard and taking care of feisty young children they are great and happy! Well say hi, to Mya for me, and I wish the best for you and your family.

Sincerely, Rachel

P.S: see you both at Christmas break!

“Gosh! This letter makes me miss her, even more. It’s so her!” exclaimed Anne, after taking it all in.

“Me too! I really can’t wait for Christmas break…” sighed Rina, sadly.

“By the way. Not being nosy or anything. Are you and Hanna talking again?” asked Rachel.

A month ago Rina would have been very uncomfortable to answer that question, but at this point she really did not care. Rina took a breath. “No you’re not being nosy, I think you should know. Not really. But I think it’s getting better. I am not really sure, but I am not really angry at her anymore. I think I am moving on.” This had been the first time in awhile that Rina had not avoided or sidetracked from the topic of her sister. Anne deserved to know, she was one of her best friend’s, almost a sister.

“That’s great to hear. I hope that it gets even better, the situation I mean.” replied Anne, kindly.

“Thanks, Anne….”

“Sorry to interrupt, chums. But Principal Horn, just announced that he is officially closing down the school paper!” exclaimed, the panting Brinn. She had the expression of worry and concern, which made her blue eyes look like saucers.

“Oh my gosh! Seriously! What a jerk!.” groaned Anne, with an indigent groan and a shake of her head.

“Uggggg… Why now, he was supposed to give us time!” exclaimed Rina, with anger, as she stood up. At this point she was ready to give Horn a piece of her mind.

“Alright, I think we should stay calm here.” suggested Brinn, in her extra measured tone.

“You’re right. But this really sucks!” sighed, Anne.

“What are we going to do? We can’t just go and change his mind; we are like.. Mice compared to him. We are complete nothing to him.” explained, Rina, her tone was getting angry.

“You are right, Rina. But though I am not part of the school paper, I will help you find a way to change Horn’s mind, and bring back the school paper.” comforted Brinn, in her kindest and most understanding voice.

“Thank you, Brinn for helping us… Oh shoot! I’m late for my French class! Shoot! Well see you guys. Four o’clock, at my place; there’s cake.” announced, Rina, as she quickly stood up grabbed her books.

“See you later, Rina. We both are in!” replied/shouted Brinn and Anne in unison, as Rina ran down the hall. Her black hair bouncing behind her, and her stride full of indignation, and strength to take action.

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