Are Simple Joys as Valuable as Complex Experiences?

Humans grow up with a combination of many simple joys(such as learning to ride a bike), and some complex experiences(such as working as a missionary in african or traveling the world), these two things shape a person into who they are as a person. In this essay I will be answering the question: are simple joys as valuable as complex experiences?

To begin with, you most likely have experienced many simple joys in your life but not that many complex experiences, because life is more full of simple experiences, instead of major experiences. A few simple joys that I have experienced are: learning to ride a bike, having my hair blow in the wind, and walking in warm sand. Pretty simple right? Some experiences that I have gone through(though few), are: traveling all over Canada, going through a Nuclear disaster, and visiting Japan. All of these things have impacted me negatively or positively in one way or another.

Also complex experiences can be negative or positive, but simple joys, because they are “joys” are positive, and pleasant things to go through. So to answer this question, my answer is a yes or no answer, for a few reasons.

The reasons for a “yes” is the fact that people have much more simple joys than complex experiences, in their lifetime, which may leave a bigger impact. Also some simple joys, such as learning to ride a bike, stay with you for the rest of your life; and the final reason, is the fact that having many happy or joyful moments in someone’s life, usually leaves the person a much more happy and positive sort of person. But that is just my opinion.

The reasons for a “no” is the fact that having some negative experiences(usually negative experiences come from complex experiences), in your life is actually beneficial, who knows you might learn a valuable lesson, or have gained some kind of experience and knowledge, which leaves you able to warn other people about that negative experience. Also if the experience was a positive one, it goes the same, you most likely will gain some kind of experience and knowledge.


There are more answers for this question, but I found that these points were the most important. 

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