Saving the Paper

“Alright, girls. What are we going to do?” began Anne, as she took a large gulp of milk.

“Save the paper.” announced Rina and Brinn in unison.

“Good! Now we have to figure, out.” added Rina, as she wiped cake crumbs off her yellow skirt.

“Exactly. Horn is not easily pressured to change his mind. Besides we are “nobody” in his opinion. So he doesn’t care.” ranted, Anne, moodily.

“Which is the problem. We need someone who has some status with the school. Somebody that can carry a vote.” explained, Brinn, seriously.

“We definitely want someone to represent us, that has some status in the school. If we don’t we would look like complete fools, and might even get suspended for a little bit, if Horn gets angry enough.” replied Rina.

“Maybe, we should do something without someone representing us. Getting suspended doesn’t sound that terrible, especially if the outcome of this situation gets a lot of positive attention from other people.” explained Anne, and little urgingly.

“And get murdered by our parents. I don’t think we should risk getting suspended. That might darken our chances for university.” added, Brinn with a nervous giggle.

“Alright. I think I might have a solution. Do you guys know Rebecca Wilson? The student body president, and the public speaking, queen.” said Rina, she knew she was on to something, something that might work.

“Yes I do know who she is. But why her? She was the one who spread all those terrible rumors about Hanna, including the one, about Hanna running off with a bunch of hippies. And she probably doesn’t even read the school paper, let alone cares about it.” pointed out Brinn.

“Yes I know, that all those things are true; and by no means I like her as a person, but she has a level of status in the school. She’s a teacher’s pet, dream student, and popular; Principal Horn might oblige her.” explained Rina; convincing Brinn and Anne, was going to be difficult, but with enough coaxing they would give in.

“But Rina, why don’t we get Mya to do it. She’s popular.” added Anne, she sincerely did not want to deal with Rebecca, who had done everything to get her trouble.

“Yes, Mya is popular with her classmates. But the teachers and Horn despise her. You know how many times she’s gotten dress coded or at least sent to the Principal office?!” replied Rina quite seriously.

“Rina’s right. Mya has gotten into too much trouble. But also I don’t agree about getting into this. Rebecca; she is cruel, destructive, and most of all trouble, not to Horn but to us, and her other classmates. Is there anyone else who is suitable, maybe an adult?” asked Brinn, quietly.

“I understand how you two feel. But Rebecca is the best option. For a couple of reasons. One: she has no problem causing a fuss, two: she’s naturally demanding and intimidating, and three: people respect her for her attitude and brains. So she has all the powerpoints we need. Also, what’s more important? Saving the school paper or some grudges that we feel against a person.” explained, Rina. She knew she was on to something.

“Saving the school paper. But what if she doesn’t want to help us?” asked Anne, with a slight giving in, in her tone.

“Yes, she doesn’t like us nor does she read the paper.” added Brinn.

“We are going to have to bribe or pursue her. Which we need to figure out. She never does anything without a price; and if her price is one of us writing notes for an essay, I will do that. The school paper matters to me more than taking notes for a stupid essay, for Rebecca.” explained Rina. Bribing Rachel would not be easy whatsoever, but at least they should take a shot, who knows they could win her over.

“Alright, but we need to make a plan on bribing and pursuing Rebecca, immediately, because it has to be good. She doesn’t like short offers or bribes, it has to be big.” replied Anne, sternly. She was still skeptical of the “Rebecca plan.” Brinn nodded in agreement.

“Good! I think this might work. If we really work at it.” announced Rina, happily.

“Hopefully. It would be awful, to look pathetic and stupid infront of Rebecca. She would use that against us until she graduates.” replied Brinn, with a nervous giggle.

“Yes. And we don’t plan looking so.” replied Anne, a little confidently.  

“It’s looking late. I better head home, let’s figure out the plan on “bribing” Rebecca tomorrow.” said Brinn, as she stretched her arms.

“Brinn’s right. I better head my way home too. Well goodnight Rina and see you tomorrow, at school.” said, Anne. As she gave Rina a quick hug, she whispered; “I think we can do it.”

Rina smiled gently at her friend and whispered back. “I think so too.”

Rina waved quietly through the windows at friends. She knew that it was going to be rough dealing with Rebecca, especially because Rebecca was. No need to be nice. A complete and utter brat. Maybe with this, she could give something that Rebecca really needed, in exchange of saving the paper, and at the same time lay even. Without causing trouble for each other. But you never knew with Rebecca Wilson, she always had a trick up her sleeve, she was afterall destructive and self absorbed. Oh well, no turning back now, she thought as she closed the curtains.

The next day, Rina with a purpose, which was: making a plan on bribing Rachel. She got ready quickly, and left energetically for school. After enduring too many classes, she excitedly headed towards the school lounge, where Anne and Brinn would be. She was right, they were there, waiting, for the plans to begin.

“Well Rina. Do you have a plan yet?” asked Anne, curiously. As Rina sat down comfortably.

“Yes I do. Actually I have a few. But I would like to go over them with you guys. Just because some of them are a little outlandish. Also do you two have any plans?” laughed Rina, softly.

“All the better.” joked Brinn, with a giggle.

“Yes we do actually.” replied Anne, in her usual serious and grave tone.

“Alright, so the first plan involves, voting for her in the next election for student body president, which she would most likely want, because her arch nemesis, John Malcolm, is going to be running next year, and he is proving to be a little more popular. But this isn’t the best of my plans; what do you guys think?” asked Rina.

“It sounds alright, Rebecca always wants new votes, but she’s wouldn’t satisfied. She would demand for more, like she usually does.” said Anne, quietly.

“I agree with Anne. What are your other plans?” asked Brinn.

“Alright, so the second option is, helping her write her notes for her essay, which has a big report apparently that she has to get done. But I know you guys don’t do that, and so don’t I. Maybe this is the last resort… But what are some plans that you two have?” 

“Woah, thank goodness that’s a last resort.. Well I think that maybe just state that if she helps us, it will bring more popularity from her fellow classmates, because her grade is the biggest percentage of the school paper’s readers.” suggested Brinn, shyly.

“That’s a great idea Brinn! But we probably should negotiate with Rebecca, see what she actually wants, instead of guessing. That’s my idea or plan, whatever…” said Anne.

“Anne and Brinn, you two are on to something. Maybe we should do a combination of Brinn’s and your plan Anne?” exclaimed Rina, excitedly, who was experiencing a realization.

“Really?! Woah well, maybe we should start thinking up a game plan now.” suggested Anne, orderly.

“Yes we should.” laughed Rina, softly. When Anne said “we should start” with anything she really meant it. 

After ten more minutes of “thinking” and “negotiating a plan was created. Though it was not a fabulous one, they thought would work just fine, with Rebecca. Part of the plan was to start speaking with Rebecca when she was alone. Rebecca was going to be less difficult to deal with if she wasn’t with her “gang” of friends.

“I’m nervous but let’s do this.” giggled Brinn, nervously.

“Agreed!” announced Anne and Rina in unison.

The next few hours was the most anticipated Rina had felt in “forever” basically; she could barely focus in her classes. As for Anne and Brinn they didn’t show that much anticipation, which was most likely a mask. Their teachers were not exactly the kind that was easy on “lack of focus” during class. But finally their classes were over, now it was time to speak and find Rebecca. Because Brinn had an unexpected family reunion to attend, it was only Rina and Anne.

Finding Rebecca was easy, she usually was in some social circle with the brightest and most popular students at Victoria High, or complaining to some teacher about the “lack” or something. This time, Rina and Anne found her alone, which was rarity, and perfect. When the two girls approached her Rebecca, in her usual cruel and sassy tone, addressed them.

“Hello, you outcasts. I see you want something from me, so be quick about it. I have some fine social circles to attend.” said Rebecca, rather cruelly with her signature “mean girl” smile. Rebecca was rather small for her(but don’t let that fool about how capable she was), with lucious golden brown hair, which she styled in the latest styles, she had bright beautiful green eyes, which she was perfectly aware of having; other than her fascinating and lovely eyes she looked pretty average, with an average complexion and overall appearance, with a sly smile of course.

“Hello, Rebecca. May we speak about something important.” asked Rina, trying to sound as confident as possible.

“Alright, I’m the president after all. But if I do speak with you, could you please ask your ginger friend to go away, she is not needed after all, right.” she replied, giving a snobby glance at Anne.

Rina was stumped. She knew that she had to stand up for Anne, but if she did that might cost her and Anne the school paper. So she quickly and pathetically gave Anne the “look” of “I’m sorry.” Anne responded well, thankfully, and got the message; and even gave her a wink.

“Right. Umm.. she quickly whispered to Anne. I’m sorry.” she said, and she really meant it, Rebecca was being a complete… Nothing nice would describe it.

“That’s fine. Good luck.” whispered Anne, back, as she quickly left.

“Goodie! Now she is gone. Well what do you want?” she asked sweetly and slyly, giving Rina an up and down glance.

Uhhhhh! Thought, Rina with agony! She did not know how long she could last without blowing up, in frustration! But she could not let Rebecca win, this was one of her tactics. So Rina took a deep breath, and proceeded on.

“You might have heard that the school paper was shut down a few days ago. And the other paper writers and we need help changing Principle Horn’s mind on the matter; and because you are the president, we felt that you would be able to…..” replied Rina, as calmly as possible, but a new flow of frustration hit her as Rebecca interrupted her.

“Stop right there! So you are asking me! To help you save your “sad” paper? Why do I need to do that, unless you have something wonderful for me in exchange, that I request myself.” Rebecca asked with slight irritation, and a look of “you are wasting my time.”

“Basically. Well, because we need the help so desperately, we are willing to give what you want in exchange, despite how painful it is for us. But considering that most of the paper’s readers are from your grade, and that you are looking a little weak for the next school president election, I heard that John Malcolm is running this year, and I heard that he’s extra popular. Is that true?” stated Rina, a little viciously. She was beginning to enjoy this game.

“Uhhh… I must admit you are right about my “class” and that horrible Malcolm person, I tried to bribe him three times to get out of the campaign! But I will assure you that the things I want from you in exchange will be slightly painful.” she answered with a mild explanation.

She had done it! Rina Yack had gotten Rebecca to kinda agree to something; though with most likely painful consequences, saving the school paper was the thing at the moment.

“Alright. What would you like in exchange if you do this for me?” asked Rina, happily, though really nervous.

“I would like you too, get your sister to meet up with me after school to help me design a dress for one of my social events, I do know that she is good with fashion.” she replied, with a smile.

“That’s it?” asked Rina, in surprise and shock. But then she remembered. Mya absolutely despised Rebecca, to the inner core. They used to be friends, and then well, Rebecca’s social life took over, and so did her love of gaining social status, to the point that she began competing against Mya(who did not have it), so they got into some silly argument, and the rest is history. Getting Mya to do anything with Rebecca, let alone help her with something would take a million dollars and a trip to France, so technically nearly impossible. She also did not blame Mya for despising Rebecca, she was absolutely horrible and manipulative!

“If you can’t get your sister to oblige, I cannot help you. Bye, bye.” added Rebecca, with a slight wave, as she began to leave. Which also meant; “end of discussion.”

Rina did not know what to think; except for the fact that she had to get Mya to oblige, which was impossible. This was a mess! Why did Rebecca have to be so impossible? And why did she want to bring Mya into all of this? Maybe it was payback for something that Maya had done to anger her? Who knows?

Rina’s complicated thoughts were interrupted with the excited voices of Anne and Brinn. “How did it go?” Asked Brinn. “And please don’t apologize for not standing up for me, it was all Rebecca.” rushed Anne.

“Slow down! Laughed Rina.  Alright Rebecca was difficult and nearly impossible, but she seemed to be willing to help us as long as I would get Maya to help her with something, which sounds simple but is not.” explained Rina, slowly, taking in everything she was saying.

“Well, that sounds simple if I didn’t know Mya well, but because I know her relatively well, I do know that she doesn’t want anything to do with Rebecca, am I right?” asked Brinn gently.

“Unfortunately for us, you are right.” replied Rina quietly.

“Oh dear! Well things got complicated.” groaned Anne.

“Don’t worry, I will at least try with Mya, she might think reasonably today.” suggested Rina, trying to ease the tension.

“Then what if that doesn’t work?” asked Anne.

“Well we might have to renegotiate with Rebecca again.” answered, Rina, who knew that, that would not work out well, especially with a person who is very set on their demands.

“Let’s hope that it doesn’t go that far.” added Brinn, with her signature nervous giggle.

“Let’s hope. Well I better get going, if I am going to catch Mya before she does her homework.” said Rina, who was ready to leave this conversation.

Her friends quickly said their “byes,” and Rina soon was on her way home. She did not really have a game plan on how to get Mya to agree to do what Rebecca wanted. She just had to tackle it. When she reached the driveway of her home she began sprinting towards the entrance; she also noticed that Mya’s bike was there, which meant that she was home.

“Mya! I need to speak with you about something. Could you agree not to be angry at me about it?” exclaimed and begged Rina all at once, once she found Mya, who was eating(a normal sight).

“What is it, Rina. Another of your mad favors that you need?” she asked sarcastically.

“It is actually.” replied Rina, who was trying to lead her stubborn as a mule sister to her room.

“Woah, woah! Can I get a medal for being accurate?” asked Mya, who was trying to partially resist Rina’s intense leading.

“Of course not! Could you please walk up on your own, I don’t like dragging people, unlike you.” she replied. Thankfully Mya listened and began walking up the stairs.

“Well what exactly do you want? And why do you not want me to be angry about it? Does it have anything to do with sneaking you onto a plane to Toronto, so that you can spy on Hanna or something, because I don’t know what else is worse!” rushed Mya, as soon as she sat down on Rina’s bed.

“It is worse, for you at least. You remember that the school paper was shut down, and my friends and I are trying to save it, and we needed help from someone…” explained Rina very hurriedly, but was interrupted by Mya.

“Who is this person?” asked Mya, curiously.

“The manipulative, using, brat, Rebecca Wilson. Now before you lose your mind; I will explain.. Well she’s the student president, which means she actually has a “says” and also she can get things done..” explained Rina, pleadingly.

“Seriously! What is wrong with you? Of course I would be angry, furious in fact! Why would you do anything with her, let alone bring me into it?” gasped, Mya with shock and anger.

“Again, could I please explain, you might understand…” replied Rina, who was desperately trying to get Mya to get out of her anger.

“No, don’t explain! I’m done with this; this is too much. I’m fine with anything to do with Hanna or family, but Rebecca Wilson, I’m done.” announced Mya with frustration as she left Rina’s room with a large slam of Rina’s door.

Oh dear! She had caused another mess. Now Mya would probably not speak with her for a week, let alone do anything for her. Why? Had she been so stupid? To think that Mya would actually agree to something that made her look weak? Also why hadn’t she renegotiated with Rebecca? The future of school paper looked especially dire now. As Rina went on in her thoughts of kinda despair, she was interrupted by the soft patter of feet.

“Rina-chan, what happened?” asked her Obachan softly, as she entered Rina’s room.

“Mya and I got into another of our fights.” replied Rina, distractedly.

“Oh dear.. You two are like an atomic bomb sometimes, ready to explode when the moment is right.” added her Obachan with a little laugh as she sat on Rina’s floor.

“I must say that’s true, Obachan.” laughed Rina a little, with a touch of regret.

“Well, come with me to the garden. We can talk about it, or we don’t need to.” suggested her Obachan gently.

“That would be nice.” replied Rina, she knew that some kind advice from her Obachan was much needed now.


Rina was led by her Obachan to a hidden corner of the garden. Rina quietly sat down on a tree stump(the grass was mostly dead at this time of year). Her Obachan proceeded to mend some socks.

“Well, Rina if you want to tell me how the fight started, I am all ears.” she said, giving her granddaughter a gentle squeeze on the shoulder.

“Alright, it’s a little bit of a long tale..” replied Rina.

“Well I am not going anywhere.” she replied with a laugh.

Rina then proceeded to explain the whole situation, including the end of the school paper, Rebecca, her plans with friends, and everything that had to do with Mya. Her Obachan quietly listened, taking it all in. Finally she spoke.

“That is a lot, and it sounds very complicated. But have you ever considered what you really want to do, it seems that all of this is what you think you have to do? Am I right?” asked her Obachan, curiously.

“To come to think of it you are right. I love writing for the school paper, but it’s not the most important thing to me, and saving the paper, if it costs my relationship with Mya, I don’t know if it’s worth it. But what about my friends? They would be so disappointed in me if I don’t do this, especially Anne, the school paper was something that she worked so hard on, making it the success it is today.” explained Rina, who was coming to a new realization.

“You don’t know exactly how your friends feel Rina-chan. Who knows, they may feel the same way as you do. Maybe letting go is the right thing to do. You already did that this year, so I think you can do it.” suggested her Obachan, gently.

“Maybe you’re right. But what did I let go exactly this year?” asked Rina with surprise. She could never consider letting go of the school paper, right?

“You let go about Hanna, and her marriage situation. Now do not admit that. You moved on Rina, you now talk about Hanna more freely to us. I personally believe that, if saving the paper consists of you dealing with someone who does not have the paper’s best interest in mind is not a good idea. she explained, wisely. Think about it a little, Rina-chan?” suggested her Obachan as she stood up and entered the house.

Rina sat still for a while pondering, over what her Obachan had told her. What did she actually want? What did her friends want? What should she do to make it up to Mya? After a while she got it! She realized that she had to call Anne and be honest about it; how she really felt, then work it out from there. She quickly went inside her house to call her friend.

“Hello, who is this?” asked Anne.

“It’s me Anne, Rina!” exclaimed Rina hurriedly.

“Well did it work with Mya?” asked Anne curiously.

“Not really. But I’ve been really thinking about this whole thing. But what do you really want Anne, do you really want to save this school paper, if we have to bring Rebecca into all of this?” explained Rina, hoping that Anne would not become angry.

“That’s too bad, but it’s not surprising… Well as you know, Rebecca and I are not at all friends nor friendly to each other, but I do care for the school paper. But I feel that the school paper isn’t as important, if the only way we can actually save it is by getting selfish and using people to help you. Who will always try to get something out of you. So I don’t really feel like saving the school paper isn’t necessary, maybe next year. That’s how I feel.” replied Anne, quietly.

“I feel exactly the same way. I feel like such an idiot to get Mya and Rebecca involved in this, maybe saving the school paper could come another time, when there are people that can actually help us. I know I am backing out, Anne, but I don’t want to cost my relationship with Mya, the same way I did with Hanna. And I feel even worse because this was all my idea basically, bringing Rebecca in, and I’m backing out. Gosh I am a terrible friend and sister.” gasped Rina, this was a mouthful.

“Calm down. You are not a terrible sister nor friend, you are just trying to do the right thing, and I understand that. I want to do the right thing too, but what about Rebecca? She will throw a fit and make our lives a million times harder, and I don’t know if I want Brinn to suffer…” replied Anne encouragingly.

“I know she will, but we can go through it, because she will get over it. About Brinn, Rebecca doesn’t even know that she is/was involved. So I don’t think there will be an issue in that regard.” said Rina, a little more calmly.

“Hopefully. But what are we going to do? The school paper was the way that we improved our writing and researching skills but if we are going to lose that then what are we going to do?” asked Anne, seriously.

“I don’t know, which is the terrible thing. I do know that Horn will probably never start the school paper again without being asked.” groaned Rina, knowing that she was disappointing Anne.

“Rina though it seems complicated now. I think you/we can figure out a way. Let’s talk later. I have to go. I wish you luck with Mya. Bye.” stated Anne, supportively, as she hung up.

“Bye Anne.” whispered Rina.

Rina after her phone call pondered on what to do next. She needed to get out of the “deal” with Rebecca, made amends with Mya, and figure out what to do next. Sometimes doing nothing, especially if you have to deal with someone that does not have your best interests in mind, was a lesson that Rina learned well that day. Now she had to fix and end what she had caused.


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