A Time of Mending and Change

Two weeks had gone by since Rina’s decision to give up on the endevers on “saving the school paper.” Life had gone back again, to normal, but who knew how long that this “normal” would last. But she decided to enjoy it as long as it would last. She had since mended what she had caused, which included ending the deal with Rebecca(who was difficult but gave in), and made amends with Mya. As for Anne and her friendship, though she thought they would be going through a rough patch, things seemed to have worked out, which was a relief.

The things that she had to change in her life were conquered and over, except for the school paper, which had now become a school legend, and was basically forgotten(things were easily forgotten in Victoria High), Horn had eased a little when came to wraith of ending things, but he had not eased off on his extra strict discipline.  But saving the school paper had to come another time, a time when she and her friends were actually ready.

Now, she had to finish a letter to Rachel(who needed to hear about all the things that were going on), which was taking her a long time to write, thanks to the amount of things that had gone on. Also she had done her weekly job of tediously sorting out files with Mrs. Lorimer that day, but at least this was average.

Rina, sighed a little as she finally decided to take a break from writing, and get something to eat. Writing letters was an exercise afterall, right? She quickly rushed down stairs and grabbed herself a cookie(baking season had begun). On the kitchen counter there was a letter, curiously she checked the address of the letter and the sender. It was rare that her parents left letters around. To her surprise it was from Hanna! She knew that her parents were writing to Hanna, but she had never seen one of those letters.

Now even more curious, she looked around making sure that no one was home, and began reading the letter. Which was probably illegale and a wrong thing to do, but she really needed to see her sister’s handwriting again.

Dear parents

Though this letter will be short, I knew this had to be written. This Christmas Derrell and I will be able to come visit, I know it’s early and etc, but because of the past events that have occurred. I just want to make sure that everyone else is ready in our family, especially Rina. But other than that I hope you both and the family are well, and that this New Year we can all be more honest with each other, which especially goes for me, I have not been exactly honest this year, which I am sorry about.

I wish you both the best

Love, Hanna

Well, well. It was true. Hanna was going to be coming for Christmas, it was confirmed with this letter. Rina did not know what to feel, relief, dread? But one thing was for sure, a chance of making amends was coming around. Maybe this new year, Christmas whatever, it was coming around. This was her time to make a choice, which she thought was going to be easy to make, forgive and makeup to her sister, but now it seemed daunting and somewhat terrifying. Could she do it? Forgive her sister? Make things right?

That night, those thoughts rang in her ears. She felt that the clock was actually ticking, though Christmas was more than a month away. She hoped that this feeling would wear off. Soon it did, but the feeling befell her again, this time a month later, and much sooner till Christmas. Soon she would have to face something that she still was terrified of, her sister…

No one could change that feeling, including her friends, family, and even wise old Mrs. Lorimer who kindly would listen to Rina and give her wise advice. This was something that she had to get over on her own, by herself. Which was terrifying.

One night in particular, only a week before Christmas eased the strange feeling that she felt. That night her parents announced that Hanna and Derrell would be coming for Christmas. This was the first time that Rina’s parents had actually told her something about Hanna, she usually had to put the pieces together on her sister with the things that were in Rachel’s letters.

Her family after that began Christmas preparations immediately, which helped Rina’s thoughts be put down for a little while, at least. But at night oh those thoughts raged her mind. She desperately wanted to get Christmas over with, which was a first for her. Soon she had to do the thing that she most dreaded.

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