Sentence summary

For English I will begin writing a new story. I have already finished the story I was writing for the last couple of months(I will post those last chapters soon). This is my one sentence summary of my World war 1 inspired story.

The Sentence

“Shirley’s brother is dead, her parents and herself are ghosts of their former selves before the great war, her dear brother Henry is still far from recovering from the traumatic flashbacks of war, and Bertha is still in love..”


  1. lilalai07 says:

    That sound like it’s going to be exciting!

    Quick quest on: Did you mean to say “World war I”? Because you wrote “Word war I” there.

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    1. lilalai07 says:

      *Question, not quest on

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    2. Yes I did. Thanks for letting me know on my typo, I will fix it right now! Thanks again!

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