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The Ron Paul Curriculum is an online homeschool curriculum. The grade range of the RPC is kindergarten to grade twelve. The RPC is a mostly self taught course, above third grade, actually 98% self taught, also the RPC is a course free of textbooks, because it is almost one hundred percent video lecture based, with after lecture assignments.

 Older students like myself do these video lectures mainly on their own. For me, if I have trouble in math, my parents will help me but other than that I do everything on my own. Which helps the student become more independent. Younger students will probably need more parent involvement(I know from personal experience), but will be pretty self taught overall.

Many of the instructors of the RPC have Phds(which is rare in an elementary through highschool curriculum). Here is a list of some of the benefits of the RPC.

  1. the RPC is almost one hundred percent self taught above third grade.

2. There is a specific course on Personal Finance

3. There are two business courses

4.You can do each course at your own pace.

5. You can always review a video lesson.

6. Students learn the valuable skills of “self reliability” and “self responsibility.”

If you want all of these benefits for your child, then order now!

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