The Return of Rachel and Hanna

“Rina-chan! Hurry, we have to leave to pick up your sister and Derrel!” exclaimed Mrs. Yack in a hurried passion.

“Coming!” replied Rina, as she quickly through on her shoes and coat. This was it. She was going to see her sister Hanna, officially. She didn’t know how to feel: angry, nervous, joyful, or a combination of all three.

“Ready?” asked Mya, who was just behind her.

“Not really but sure.” replied Rina, anxiously.

“Don’t get too nervous. I think it will work out fine.” announced Mya encouragingly as she rushed towards the car.

Sure! If that was even possible.. Thought Rina, as she trudged on.

The car ride was a quiet one, which made Rina more nervous than she already was. When would they get to the ferry station! She thought with a mild agony. The sooner she got this over with the better… To make things worse her parents seemed a little nervous too, but pretended they were not. At last! They arrived at the smelly and ugly ferry station, which happened to be jam packed with people who were returning home for the holidays. 

“We are here!” announced Mrs. Yack, with a tinge bit of relief in her voice.

“Mom, where is Hanna?” asked Mya, quietly.

“Don’t be silly Mya, we won’t just find her. We have to look for her..” laughed Mrs. Yack, irritability.

“It’s a little busy. But let’s find them.” said Mr. Yack, who was desperately trying to ease the tension in the car.

“Good idea.” agreed Rina, who was just as desperate as her father.

“Fine..” said Mrs. Yack, still irritated, as she stepped out of the car.

“Can Mya and I look one direction, and Dad and you look another.” suggested Rina, who really wanted to speak with Mya in private.

“Alright.. Run along.” replied their father.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea.” said Mrs. Yack, nervously.

“Sara, they are teenagers not toddlers.” laughed Mr. Yack who led his wife away in the other direction.

“Sometimes Dad can be a real lifesaver.” pointed out Mya, after their parents were out of ear shot.

“Yep.. Well let’s go looking.” suggested Rina, as she led her sister towards the smelly dock. After looking for a couple of minutes, it was clear that it was not going to be easy to find Hanna and Derrell, but they kept on.

After some more time, Rina and Mya decided to separate and look in different locations, to cover more ground. Rina decided to go check out the area nearest to the ferry download. After some searching it was clear that Hanna was not there. So she decided to head back to Mya.

“Rina!” exclaimed a voice behind her.

Rina quickly turned around to see who had exclaimed her name. “Rachel!? Oh my goodness! How are you?!” exclaimed Rina, with complete surprise.

Rachel gave Rina a quick hug and continued. “I’m good! How about you? It’s been way too long!” replied Rachel enthusiastically.

“I’m good, a lot has gone on since you left but I will fill you in later. I know!” she answered joyfully. Rachel was back! She was back!

“Of course please do so soon. What are you doing here?” she asked curiously, after calming her excitement.

“I’m here to pick up my sister with my family. That reminds me. I have to keep looking, and where’s Mya?” explained and groaned Rina.

“I’ve not seen Mya but I think you should look. About your sister, I have someone you have to meet!” said Rachel, seriously, as she turned Rina around towards the direction of two very familiar looking people. Hanna and Derrell.

“Rina?” said Hanna rather quietly.

“Hello Hanna.” said Rina to her sister awkwardly. “Oh and you must be Derrell.” she said, trying to be as polite as possible, even with the awkwardness.

“Hi, Rina.” replied Derrell happily, he seemed to not sense the awkward energy that was around him.

“Well since you guys have met.. I think I have to go see my family. So see you all later.” said Rachel, who gladly left the three.

Rina did not know what to do: act normal, start an argument, or apologize for everything. She decided to go with the first, she needed to find her parents and her sister, who knows where they were?

“Where’s Mom and Dad?” asked Hanna, quietly breaking the awkward silence.

“No idea. So let’s better look, also we have to find Mya, because who knows where she is.” replied Rina, trying to act normal.

The three began looking for the rest of the family, which turned out to be quite easy. After they had been relocated, and all together, the real awkwardness began. Rina’s parents though they were great at most things, but when it came to greeting family, not so much. The greeting family was by unintentionally embarrassing a family member, that family member today was Derrell.. This left things much more awkward, especially during the car ride back home. Rina almost felt sorry for Derrell, though she did want to dislike him a few months ago. Maybe she was really moving on, maybe pretending that nothing happened during the summer was the way to go? But she knew deep down that, that was not the case.

Nothing else of importance happened that night. Rina and Hanna barely shared a word unless you counted nodding at “each other” and “asking if someone needed something.” This needed to be fixed, and fast. But not today, maybe tomorrow but not today, thought Rina after another painfully awkward nodding session with Hanna.

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