Things For the Better

Though the awkwardness was still there, Rina and Hanna began speaking to each other. Maybe that was a start thought, Rina, after a pleasant conversation with her sister. Maybe things would just go back to normal? She thought, hoping. But at last Hanna spoke up, which might have been Rina’s wish or biggest nightmare.

“Rina.. We need to speak, we can’t just keep pretending that nothing happened in the summer.” said Hanna unexpectedly on New Years Eve.

“Well what are we going to be talking about Hanna? You getting married without telling us, your family, running off to Toronto, and our parents keeping the fact that you were in Victoria during the fall. I mean I don’t know if we want to talk about that.” she replied coldly, at her sister.

“Exactly. We can’t just go on like this, it would be foolish to do so. We need to fix this, Rina. So please let me explain.” begged Hanna.

“Fine…” replied Rina, impatiently.

“Well I’m sorry Rina, I know you are probably furious at me, and I regret not telling you things. But I don’t regret all of it, including moving to Toronto. I have never been happier!” she explained, sternly.

“I know you are happy Hanna, but have you considered how awful that has been for our family, including Derrell’s?” asked Rina, her voice rising slightly.

“I know how “awful” it has been for you guys, but that was a risk that Derrell and I took. If we hadn’t taken that risk I don’t know where I would be today!” replied Hanna, angrily.

“You’re impossible Hanna, and incredibly naive.” retorted Rina as she left the room and closed the door with a large bang.

 “Fine, Rina! But at least I tried to make things right. If that’s how you really feel, well feel that way.” announced Hanna, giving up.

The rest of the evening Rina and Hanna remained silent with each other, which was very obvious, but everyone pretended not to notice. It hurt to think that she and Hanna had actually made things worse instead of better, thought Rina, scornfully after passing Hanna, without a word. She needed to step up and make things right, but she did not want to do it because the real issue was shining at the moment: how would they ever get over it? 

“I heard you and Hanna got into a fight.” said Mya quietly, out of the blue.

“Yes we did.” she replied, tiredly.

“That’s rough. I think you should give Hanna a second chance, even though how many secrets she has hid from you. And I know you can do that.” suggested Mya, kindly.

“I know I should, but ever since she came back home, all of the things that I’m angry at her for came flooding back. Before I was ready to give her a second chance but now, I am having second thoughts.” explained Rina.

Mya slowly took in everything that her sister was saying. At last she spoke.“I know how that feels too. I still sometimes get angry at Hanna out of the blue, and I still want to hate her, some days. But whenever I feel that I just think of all the wonderful things that we have done together, all the best memories.”

“That’s a good point Mya. Hanna and I have had many amazing memories together, but I still feel like shaking some sense into her or something. What she did was foolish, no one can say no to that.” Rina explained, rather coldly.

“Wow I thought I was the unforgiving one, Rina.”  said Mya with disapointment in her voice. Well if you want to ruin your relationship with your sister, that’s your choice, but I think you aren’t so cruel to do that, but again you surprise me Rina.” she added hotly, as she left the room just like Rina had with Hanna.

 Rina quietly stared after her. She had just ticked off both of her sisters. Maybe Mya was right, she thought sadly. She was being rather unforgiving, and cruel, there were no excuses for that, but what happened between her and Hanna, was something that really stung and hurt. Could she really get over it?

The rest of the night left Rina a lot of time to reconsider her actions, and what to do next. She really wanted to be close to Hanna, like old times. But it was not old times anymore, life was less simple, and in a matter of a few years she and her sisters would be mainly living apart. But, she could fix this and enjoy being with her sisters for the time being. But then there was her pride, which was turning out to be the biggest pain in her life, why couldn’t she let it go? After some more thinking, she concluded. 

Rina quietly stood up, and decided to go outside to watch the fireworks, it was going to be a New Year, in a matter of ten minutes, crazy! She thought nostalgically. Outside was freezing but the cold air was refreshing, and nice even. After walking around a little bit in the cold air she bumped into Hanna, who was also contemplating outside.

“Can I sit?” asked Rina quietly.

“Sure.” replied Hanna, quietly, but not coldly.


“I’m sorry for going off at you.” Rina said kindly, after a moment of silence.

“It’s alright. I went off a little too, I’m sorry too.” she replied, with a small smile.

“I think we both had our moment. But could we please start fresh, because I forgive you even with everything that happened.” said Rina with a big breath, at the same time the large weight was lifted off of her chest.

“I forgive you too Rina, we both made mistakes, so let us start fresh!” replied and announced Hanna, as she gave her sister a big hug.

“Really!?” asked Rina.

“Of course, silly!” laughed Hanna.

“Rina and Hanna, come watch the fireworks!” shouted Mya in the distance.

“We better go.” laughed Rina, as she led her sister towards their family, just in time to watch the fireworks. Rina and Hanna quietly watched the beautiful explosions of light, wondering what would happen next, what challenges they would face, and most of all where the future will take them. But they knew that no matter what would come, together they could face it, and together they were an unbeatable team….

                                            THE END

This is my final chapter in my chapter story, which means that I have completed my very first chapter story(usually I don’t finish them)! Yippie! Thank you to my readers for reading each chapter of this story, it really means a lot!

Soon I will begin posting chapters of a different story I am writing, so stay tuned for that. Other than that thank you all for staying with me!


BTW: the total page count if 63 pages, and the total word count is 24,553 words.


  1. Ivory says:

    Wow! That was incredible. Great job!!!

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it!

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  2. Esther says:

    I loved reading this story; congrats on finishing! Can’t wait to see the next story!!!


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  3. Jasmine the bookworm says:

    I’ve been reading your story!! I loved it!! You’re a very talented writer and congratulations for finishing it! I never finish mine…
    Good job!! 😍

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    1. Thank you for reading it! Thank you! That was me for a long time, it helps when you post your story on your blog, because now you have different people reading it, so you feel more motivated to write more and post more.

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  4. DJW says:

    Love The Book! Would like hear more books about what happens next to Mya, Rina and Hanna. Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am also planning on writing a book, which I have already started. I’ll post a link in the comments of your next book If you want. Thanks!

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it! Hopefully!

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