Procrastination Kills

Like most people in this world I have experienced procrastination, many times. Usually I experience it when I have a large school assignment to get done, but there are other reasons also. But with my experience with procrastination, I have noticed for sure that it kills, and wastes time. In this essay I will be discussing why procrastination kills, with my personal experience, with it.

There are many reasons why procrastination kills, the three main reasons are: procrastination wastes your time, with procrastination you have a harder time getting things done, it causes you to be less effective in a task, and the final reason is that it wastes your life.

It wastes your time: with my experience with procrastinating. I have always noticed that procrastination wastes my time. Instead of getting things done right away procrastination causes you to stall for a little bit or longer, which wastes your time.

Harder time getting things done: another way that procrastination kills is by making you have a more difficult time getting things done. Whenever I procrastinate, the more I do it the more difficult for me to get the task done, which in turn wastes my time.

You become less effective in a task: when you procrastinate when doing something you pay attention less to that task, which makes you less effective. An example of me becoming less effective in something when experiencing procrastination is in my writing. The more I procrastinate when writing something the less effective I am at writing.

It wastes your life: like the first point “it wastes your time” long term procrastination wastes your life. This is because the more you procrastinate the longer it takes for you to finish something, which in turn wastes your life because if you procrastinate and don’t finish the task right away, which limits you from doing other things, that is a waste of your life.

In conclusion procrastination affects your life pretty negatively, it wastes your time, your life, and it makes it more difficult for you to get things done. Also procrastination affects your chances in making a successful business, so if you want to get things done and become successful in life try your best to beat procrastination.


  1. Concur. Remain safe

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    1. Thank you! Stay safe too!


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