What Marketing Advantages do I Now Have That I Did Not Have When the Week Began?

This week I began reading the book: The Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing by Perry Marshall and Taylor Zamir. This book covered many important topics including “Google Adwords.” In this week’s business essay I will be writing about what marketing advantages I now have that I did not have a week ago.

Google Adwords

Before this week of business lessons I knew what Google Adwords was but I really did not understand it too well. Google Adwords or Google Ads is an online tool for businesses. After reading the book titled above I realized how much of an advantage using Google Adwords was. For example a lot of small business owners still to this day do not use Google Adwords, even if they know it exists they still don’t use it, which is a pretty big disadvantage.

The reason why businesses who don’t use Google Adwords have such a disadvantage compared to business owners who use the tool is because Google Adwords is a tool that is great at spreading the word of the business, which is very important because the more people that find your business the bigger the profit and the success of it.

Focusing on Landing Pages

The second marketing advantage I now have is focusing on landing pages. Focusing on having a good landing page is important because a good landing page must have an explanation for the service or product you are selling. This is important because the customer must know what the product and service is all about before buying it. Another important thing that should be on the landing page is a way for the customer to call to action, such as a link, phone number, or an order now button.

Throughout my study of business and the world of it, I have learned many crucial and valuable things, which have left me with an advantage if I do start a business. In conclusion these are the two marketing advantages I now have that I didn’t have last week.

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