The 1950s in America

The 1950s like the 1920s was a time of prosperity and change for America and many other countries around the world, thanks to a rather booming economy. In this week’s history essay I will be discussing the 1950s in the perspective of America.

During the early 1950s the Korean War was going on, which the US was involved in, but the US ended the war in 1953. But other than that the 1950s was a booming time, with new trends emerging like never before.

One of the new and impactful “trends” or movements in the 1950s was the Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Movement was a movement for equality towards African Americans and other minorities in America. Even though by law African Americans and minorities were equal, they still faced much discrimination, especially those who lived in the south of America.

This new movement brought change to many aspects in America including sports(at the time even sports were segregated). One of the most important examples of sports becoming less segregated is Baseball, with Jack or “Jackie” Robinson, the first African American major league baseball player. Robinson broke some racial barriers, which in turn brought more people of color to play in major sports leagues.

Other than the Civil Rights Movement, another important “trend” was the new surge and widespread use of Televisions. Because a lot of families now had a television set, sitcoms, talk shows, and game shows became more popular and watched. 

Another important development at the time was color photography, which was beginning to become popular in the 50s. Before black and white was only used in photography. Because entertainment was becoming more popular than ever before, music now became a very large industry, with stars such as Elvis Presly(often known as the King of Rock and Roll). 


As you may have noticed, the 1950s was a booming and prosperous time, very unlike the 30s and 40s, with new cultural changes, such as the Civil Rights Movement, and the popularity of entertainment. 

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