Chapter 15

“Where here.” said Bertha softly, as we all stared at the cemetery.

“Yes we are.” said Henry, taking a deep breath.

I nodded. With all that had happened, especially the events yesterday, it was finally time to pay respects to Ralph’s grave, to finally move on. I took Henry’s and Bertha’s hands and led them on. It was easy to find Ralph’s grave, it was still quite new and shiny, having the appearance of being recently placed there, it also had a large bouquet of flowers laid in front of it, thanks to my parent’s recent visit.

We stopped and looked at the grave, and thought of how it would be if circumstances were different, but today’s visit was not about gloating the past, it was about moving on. “Well we better begin.” I suggested, because the plan was to announce our life plans above Ralph’s grave.

Everyone else nodded in agreement. “Can I please start first?” asked Bertha quietly.

“Of course.” said Henry, kindly.

“Thank you. Well I have some pretty big news, something that will affect us all. I received a letter from my deceased mother’s sister, my Aunt Gloria.” Bertha stopped taking a deep breath, Henry and I remained quiet waiting for her to continue.

 “She lives in Los Angeles, and manages a busy boarding house there. And I should get to the point, she wants me to come live with her.” exclaimed Bertha, hurriedly, she looked nervous.

“Are you both furious?” she asked worriedly.

“Of course not Bertha! I am happy for you!” I exclaimed as I hugged her. “I am also happy for you!” exclaimed Henry.

“Thank goodness but…” said Bertha, still surprised by her reaction to her news.

“There is nothing to “but” about, Bertha. California would be a lovely change for you and at one point you have to leave the Monroe household, it would be a pity if you worked for us all your life.” I reassured her.

“I agree with Shirley, it would be rather sad for you to work at the same place all your life, you deserve a break. Besides finding someone to replace you will not be difficult nor a hassle.” also reassured Henry.

“Henry and I have no hard feeling against you for resigning and leaving. We will just miss you.” I said trying to reassure her even more.

“Thank you both. I will miss you both very much. But I am not leaving anytime soon, actually in six months.” replied Bertha, after she carefully considered what we had told her.

“We figured that too, traveling across the country is not a simple task.” said Henry. “That reminds me that I have something to announce also.” announced Henry, clearing his voice.

“I also received a letter but not from an Aunt but instead from grandfather. One of my grandfather’s close friend’s wants me to take an internship from him, starting from the summer. The friend is a skilled lawyer, and wants somebody to mentor before he retires. Which means a future career option.” said Henry, slowly.

“My, that is an opportunity, which you should definitely consider.” I said excitedly, Bertha nodded in agreement.

“I have considered it and I am probably going to accept.” replied Henry with a smile.

“That is wonderful Mr. Henry! I hope for your success.” said Bertha sweetly.

“Thank you Bertha and Shirley. It is good for me to start somewhere, I was rather lost for the last two years. And this internship will most likely give me an opportunity to meet other successful people.” replied Henry, he really did seem happy with the opportunity which was wonderful.

“Yes, Henry, and plenty of social events to attend.” I teased, knowing he hated them.

“Unfortunately yes, but that’s how you meet people in our grandparent’s world.” he sighed. “Well Shirley do you have anything to share?” he asked, curiously.

“Not really. I am going to College, to become an educated young lady, but other than that I am not very sure. Most likely I will be staying at home for a little bit, I am not yet seventeen, afterall.” I replied, realizing that I had a little bit before any major life change would occur to me.

“That sounds like a good plan, besides Bertha and I will still be around for a little while.” said Henry kindly.

“Yes..” I agreed.

“We ought to go home now.” said Henry as he gestured for us to go. Bertha and I nodded as we followed him, out of the cemetery. I felt revived, and ready to see the future, I had truly moved on, and could not wait for what was next. Life was beautiful and ugly at times, but I was ready for it, and so was Bertha and Henry. Now the only thing to do was to live it.

The End


  1. Sophie G says:

    Wow that’s so amazing, just like how an actual book could end. I can’t wait to read what your write next! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Agreed and thank you!


  2. Esther says:

    Lovely ending!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the whole story. ❤ Are you planning to start posting another book?


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Esther! I am glad you liked it! Maybe, but a story idea has not appeared yet. But I hope soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Esther says:

        Awesome! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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