What is My Most Important Skill That I Can Use in Starting My Business This Year

Over the months that I have been taking the RPC business course, I have been realizing what skills I have and what weaknesses I have, which are important to realize when starting a business. My most important skill that I can use when starting my business is my writing ability.

I believe that my writing ability is by no means perfect, but it still is pretty good compared to many people. I believe this is due to all the essays I have written in my life(which are many), and my reading of many classical novels and stories(which are also many). Another thing that impacted my writing positively was when I began blogging, which forced me to never become lazy with my writing, because a lot of different people could now read my essays.

The reason why I believe that writing is my most important skill I have in starting my business is because, if I do start a business I would like a writing based business such as a newsletter. Another reason is because I feel comfortable and confident in my writing. If you have a skill then you should be confident in it right?

 The reason why I feel confident in writing is because you can always edit your writing, unlike speaking to other people, where you only have one shot into making it right. Which makes writing more foolproof, or with less room for error.

In conclusion, writing is my important skill when I start a business because I am pretty good at it, I want to start a writing based business if I do start a business, I enjoy it, and I feel confident in my writing, which is the most important thing. 


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