Is Having Too Many Choices a Problem?

In a person’s life they have to make choices in their life, some of these choices are very easy to make but some are very difficult. Also the older and more mature you become the more choices you have to make. But is having too many choices a problem or a negative thing? 

During my early childhood I didn’t have that many choices. My parents chose everything for me, because I was incapable and far too young to deal with choices on my own. But the older I became the more choices I had and the more I could handle them on my own. My parents now have enough trust in me that I can make the better choice.

The main reason why my parents did not let me have many choices when I was a small child was because young children should not have many choices in life, but instead gain more choices the older they become. This is for good reason because I have found that children with more choices are usually much more spoiled and troublesome.

So personally I believe that children should not have many choices because too many choices will create a spoiled child, which in turn will create a problematic adult. But I also believe that this does not go for adults. 

Because adults are older, more mature, and have more life experience they should be able to make their own choices, and know what choices are bad and what are good. Because an adult has a better understanding of the consequences of bad choices, than a child does.

 Adults also have more experience in making choices because the life of an adult is full of choices that have to be made. For example, choosing what restaurant to eat at, or deciding what car to buy, are some examples of the choices that adults make regularly.

So personally I believe that having too many choices as a young child is problematic, but as an adult having many choices is part of life, and important, because those choices shape your adult life. 

In conclusion I believe that having choices is a life experience thing: the older and more mature you become the more choices you make, and the younger you are the less choices you make. Also I believe that the choices you make are a large part of who you are, they rather define you. So do your best when it comes to making choices, there may be consequences with the choices you make.

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