If I Pay for 100% of My College Education, Would I be Better off if My Parents will Give Me a College Graduation Present: Half of the Money They Presently Plan to Pay for My College Costs?

College can be very important, depending on the career path you choose, but College is also another thing: expensive. In this essay I will be answering if I would be better off if I pay for all of my college education, or if my parents gave me a graduation present of money to pay for half of my college costs?

Well to begin with  when I do go to College I will have a job and a decent stash of saved up money(I have a job at the moment, and I save 10% of the money I earn), so I hope to have enough money to help pay for my education and other bills involved with that.

But if my parents do choose to give me a graduation present of money to pay for half of my college costs, that would be helpful and I would be very grateful towards my parents, and I would be better off financially because I was just able to save half of my money.

But I would be lesser off in mentally, because whenever I pay for something on my own, I feel more committed to the thing I just spent money on. So if I pay for my entire college education I would feel more motivated than I would if my parents paid for half of my education, even if the money was a gift.

 In conclusion, by no means will I not feel committed to both scenarios because I plan on succeeding in College not the other way around. But I would feel a little less committed to my studies than say if I paid for my College education.


  1. Perth Girl says:

    I admire the determination to be independent and pay your own way ahead. Either way, from what what I read you will make the best use of what is given to you.

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