Are There Some Heroes That Will Be Remembered Forever? Or all Heroes Doomed to be Forgotten One Day?

Throughout history, there has been a wide variety of heroes or galient and brave people, who have left an impact on their country or the world in some positive way. But will these heroes be remembered forever? Or will they fade away and eventually be forgotten one day?

To begin with the world is a large place with many countries, and each country has had or has some sort of hero. Also because there are many countries, there are many people who have different opinions on who a hero is.

 For example during World War 2, there were many people who considered Hitler a hero, but there were also many other people who considered Hitler a villain. So who is a hero depends on the person’s opinion.

Getting back on point there are many heroes that are remembered today, such as George Washington, Joan of Arc, Jesus Christ, and Martin Luther King(these heroes are listed in a random order). But there are also many heroes that are rather forgotten, such as William Tell and David(from the bible). 

So yes I believe that some heroes can be forgotten, over time. But I am not exactly sure if some heros can be remembered forever because I cannot predict the future, but I do have a hunch that certain heroes, who have impacted the world and their country so much will be remembered for a very long time. I cannot say forever though, because the world is changing and so are people’s opinions.

So in conclusion I believe that certain heroes will be forgotten over time, especially the ones that are rather unknown to a majority of people today. But I also believe that there are certain heroes that will be remembered for many more years..

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