Does True Loyalty Require Unconditional Support?

Loyalty is very important in many aspects, such as family, friendships, and relationships in general, because without it, it would be impossible to have trust in any relationship, which causes disaster and problems. An important aspect of loyalty is support. Without support it would be pretty difficult to become motivated to do what you want to do, if people don’t support you. In this essay I will be answering the question: does true loyalty require unconditional support?

Support is very important in loyalty. If you are a loyal friend for example you should support your friend as much as possible, right? Also your friend should support you too, if he/she is loyal to you, and wants the best for you, like a good friend should.

But there are lines. I personally believe that most people have a moral “line.” A moral line is basically your limit, in anything. So another aspect of being a loyal friend is by being honest and letting your friend know that what they want to do or what they have done is wrong, even though how much it may hurt them by you saying so.

So sometimes you cannot support your friend no matter how loyal you are to them, because what your friend wants to do or has done is unacceptable to you. This does not mean you are a bad friend, you just want to be honest to your friend.

 So personally I believe that true loyalty does require unconditional support, until it passes your moral “line.” Because you have to be loyal to what you believe, or your morals. This is my answer and opinion to the question: does true loyalty require unconditional support?


  1. Perth Girl says:

    Well said. I agree with the unconditional support within those bounds of personal principles and morals.

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    1. Thank you for reading!

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